Could the RIFTS mode be used to test the new IC/OOC system proposed by DECA?


Having read the post by Kiddforce about the balance changes in testing, I think that the rifts mode would be a good way to see the new changes in action. In my opinion, the PT mode is only good for testing endgame content and specific dungeons because of the way it is set up and the fact that gear is not reset every time they do a new one.

Using the RIFTS mode to test the new changes would be a good decision because then DECA would be able to get a better idea of how it affects player progression. The way I would implement it would be to have everyone start with a level 30 - 50 uncommon pet and an uncommon egg. I would do this because I think the lower heal levels are too weak to give a good idea of how the changes will effect gameplay and it would only last about a week so i want the players to get close to a max rare, where most of the balance issues with pet become apparent (perma helm, perma speedy, etc)

please let me know what you guys think, this is a perfect opportunity in my opinion


Dude you are 100% right. But to the same token, imagine how many people would complain and maybe even not play RIFTS because of that? While it would make it harder, the feedback would be invaluable as, like you said, it would TRULY show how it affects player progression. Well, aside from the faster maxing due to greater pots. But still.


I think so, too. It’d speed up the mode a little at the start (even with the weaker pets), and continue to show what it’d look like in practice.
Plus, no one really loses anything like this.


To be fair you don’t really lose anything in testing either. But I agree RIFTS seems like an awfully convenient way to test these changes.


I think the problem is they are meant for two entirely different things. IC/OOC impacts high end pets, while RIFTS in its current form has only low level pets. If you add IC/OOC to it there would be little to no effect. If you changed RIFTS to allow high end pets it would have to run for much much longer to be a worthwhile test. I can’t see many people sticking with it for long enough. Meanwhile the players who enjoy RIFTS for its old-school feel with very limited pets would have no-where to go.

If we did not have testing it might make sense, but testing exists precisely for this, to test out new content with appropriate level players. It can e.g. auto-max and auto-equip new players, including with new unreleased gear that needs testing. and pets are easy to get and max to any rarity.


I like the idea, though @Skandling does bring up some good points. Maybe the RIFTS season could run a little longer, but have harder quests that give better rewards on prod (maybe something in the ambrosia or character slot/vault chest coupons tier of reward item) to encourage players to stick around. And if the drop rate of pet food around the realm was also bumped up, it would help to accelerate the process so that multiple pet levels could be tested.

Not sure how well my ideas here would work, but it’s a possibility.


Sorry but whats IC/OOC?



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