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you can just leave through the main entrance


Yes, but you won’t get completions that way. Not that it matters too much, other trooms don’t have exit portals.


I guess but imo skipping would feel more troll for people that want to read the stuff. Probably better to spawn the portal along with realmeye


it’s in the spritesheets for the dungeon files, so do with that what you will.


The items are really well designed as well, except for the dagger.

The Waki is really well made. Its slightly wonky shot pattern and lower damage balances out the slow quite well.

The Seal is decently overpowered right now. I think it should either have at least a 3 second cool down to mitigate the spam somewhat as having an effective cost of 150 mana isn’t a really big hindrance for high level pets.

The dagger seems like it could become too overpowered. I like how it has two firing modes like the nectar crossfire, but it seems that the dps (it literally beats every dagger by a big margin) is a little too high. It needs at least a 10% damage nerf/makes its dps decrease faster against higher def enemies before its viable in game (faster fire rate + lower damage peer shot). Otherwise, we’re gonna have another riot on our hands (like with etherite) as the downsides of the weird shot pattern just doesn’t balance out the dps enough (also isn’t the true range of the weapon like 3.5?). I get the feeling that realm probably shouldn’t have a weapon that can push 4k dps while keeping a usable true range.

The tome is a really excellent concept. II really didn’t like it at first, but I started appreciating it more as I used it. Cursing yourself is actually really neat and is a pretty good trade-off for priests. There really doesn’t need to be any changes except switching the durations for the character vs the enemy, and even that isn’t really necessary. (as a side-thought, a good way to buff the Orb of Conflict is to make it give a massive dps buff on use, but the mystic is cursed).


I actually think the troom boss leans more towards the easier side, especially given you can duck out at any time (but maybe that’s because I’ve done like a bajillion of them by now and my testing char has a legendary pet). The only times I don’t steamroll it are when I fail to dodge a sick shot with many minions around, or if I run into a couple of the large parametric shots coupled with being overrun by minions. Even then, I can just leave the room and wait for my health to regenerate then head right back in.
Leaning more towards the easier side in my opinion doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be made harder though, it’s already a lot harder than basically every glands troom after all.

You are right that it is difficult below that speed to keep up rotation speed with the tentacles. What I normally do is follow the rotation up until the tentacles have caught up with me, then weave between the sick arrows, then continue rotating. Even if I mess up, I generally have enough time when continuing to rotate for the sick to disappear, and I can always back out of the room.

I think the hardest part of the troom is definitely the big parametric shots. They’re difficult to dodge, at least for me, and they do pretty big damage; someone without a good enough pet will probably have to take a long time to do troom if they can’t manage to dodge those, along with the sick arrows, and keeping away from the minions if they are grouped together (assuming they are doing solo).

I’d really really like if there were at least a slight tell for when the final phase changes rotation too. Especially considering there are also slow shots around too! I haven’t died to that phase in a hot minute but good tells are always appreciated.



fuck that room above the spawn room, going in it, the map doesn’t load the right part, and it always seems like right is a dead end, but there’s also sometimes two ways from the room.


why is the enemy above spawn always a deholder?


Awesome dungeon! I’ve only been able to run it a few times on testing, but I know it will definitely be one of my favorites once it’s in prod.

One random question I have about it: why do the Lips of the Lost occasionally say “Tertiary”? Are they announcing a phase change or something? I’ve only seen it a couple times, so I haven’t found a clear pattern yet.


Ah, so it’s been seen. I don’t want to give away too much until it’s inevitably caught on camera, but I will say that the trigger for that is a low random chance, nothing with a player’s control.


Fyi: I made a wiki page, since the Realm Eye also has one. It’s still massively incomplete, but know that it’s there!


So i have noticed that its harder from sword classes to get damage from the stun shots. Is this correct?




Link is adding a /forum in the middle, which wasnt in seelpits copy-pasted link.


I have mainly been running these on a knight, and the boss does make this difficult. However, I do find that running towards and away from the boss in sync with the stun shots is an effective strategy. The stun minion, on the other hand, is a pain in the butt.


A bit dark, a bit easy, a bit long.

Did about half a dozen dungeons, with a handful of other players then alone. Died more than once but doing stupid things I hopefully won’t repeat. Lag contributed to couple of them too.

But once I got the hang of them found it very easy to solo it with my maxed Pally. All the enemies I could walk past, killing very few of them if they got annoying. Like the Toxic Sewer seems nothing does too much damage as long as you don’t let them sit on you.

The annoying middle phase of the main boss I just stood still and tanked his shots. This meant I was permanently weakened but with every shot hitting it did not take too long. The other phases were easy; just try and anticipate where he will go next.

The bonus boss is even more straightforward. Pally meant I could ‘heal’ even when sickened but by then I was getting better at avoiding the shots.

So all a bit easy, especially as you can defer doing it until you have maxed def, dex, att and spd.

It’s a bit dark, compared to other dungeons and environments. Had to hide an open text editor that was visible behind it, to see the game better, and I never normally have to do that.

Also it’s relatively long. Even if you don’t have to stop there’s a lot of twisty passages, a maze and a lot of doubling back. This will be easier with more players, who can spread out to find the panels, maybe TP past the maze, though that also means less chance at the guaranteed pots.


I found the dungeon exceptionally good, nice artwork, behaviours and drops, i like the Dagger, the Seal, the Waki, through not entirely sure about the Tome, i feel like people would rather use TPain over it if they want DPS.

I was really shocked when basically the entire game got lore in one, single, dungeon, simply outstanding.

In a related note, i find it interesting that the Realm Eye has responses for the unreleased T14 Weapons… :thinking:


Thanks so much to everyone who left feedback! I’ve just finished rereading every comment while taking notes. I hope you’ll enjoy the eventual release!


Can’t wait!


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