Cursed Library

Last updated: X31.7.0
Cursed Library
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4

The Cursed Library is a medium-high level dungeon introduced in Patch X.31.7.0. Its production was led by Toastrz, with Beige, Piggby, Trensient and Aurum contributing the art, and with special thanks to Dappertron, Mrunibro, Kiddforce, and Tuvior.

This dungeon is a source of wisdom, vitality, and attack, as well as various UTs.

It is intended for mid to high-level players, as both the enemies and bosses can deal significant damage.

Entrances drop at an uncommon rate from Beholders.

The first release of the dungeon announced to public testing can be found here.

The Realm Eye says:
This place was once the realm’s hub of knowledge. History’s finest researchers, educators, and philosophers gathered here in its prime.
Oryx saw this shared wisdom as a threat to his dominance, so he conspired with Lord Ruthven to launch a surprise attack.
The vicious curse you just fought back was the handiwork of the vampire lord, designed to eradicate this library and horrifically mutate those inside.


Cursed Library Key The Cursed Library Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.



Library Layout


Interior Corrupt Pressure Plate

Avalon the Archivist Corruption Phantom



Avalon the Archivist

Avalon the Archivist is the first boss of the Cursed Library.

Corruption Phantom

The Corruption Phantom is the secret boss of the Cursed Library. It is unlocked after killing Avalon by activating all of the corrupt pressure plates throughout the dungeon.

Drops of Interest


  • After defeating the Corruption Phantom, players gain access to The Realm Eye, which will respond to questions about the game’s lore.
  • Because of this dungeon, every realm god now drops a dungeon as the Beholder was the last god to not drop a dungeon.