Death in loading screen


Hi. I have recently just made my wizard and have been farming him up. Good gear and everything, I found a crystal and went into bilge-waters grotto. Earlier today I was loading into a sprite-world and it took forever to load, but I managed to finish loading and was alive 100% HP. It took a while to load into this dungeon and I exited to just go into a different realm. I went back on and my wizard is missing. Someone please explain the situation. They was barely any pirates left because the people cleared for the tp.

I would pay if this death could be reverted.


Unfortunately, DECA can’t revive your character no matter what


what does it say in your graveyard?


Lvl, 20, 17 minutes ago, death by deadwater docks sailor. I went into the portal with around 400 HP left.


Alright so, I have this theory. Anytime a dungeon is taking a bit too long to load, I think to myself. Maybe in Rotmg, it see’s me as already loaded into the dungeon, but my internet connection is messing up and is not making me see my character in the dungeon. So I usually close it out, i’m not looking to test this theory anytime soon x .o


But the reason I’m mad is that I’ve fallen rock-bottom right now and really have barely anything left. I find this unbelievably unfair, and I know I’m not the only one who agrees and has been through this. At least give us a small donations if you die unfairly.


Sorry to hear about this… this has happened to me as well. I was on a warrior, however I was lagging when I entered the portal and I had taken a lot of shots upon entry of the portal. I was on the loading screen, and it said character is dead… the only explanation for this must be lag.


Same thing happened to my 7/8 huntress loading into an ice cave, had full hp going in and wouldn’t load


Take in consideration that you’re a wizard and that those minions do high damage per shot.
It is your client who says “I got hit” to the server. Death loading screens happen when you eat fatal shots right before entering a portal, and the server answers only when you’re already on the loading screen.


surprised this isnt in whine cellar

oh well, ill let it stay here


Hi Tetra. Unfortunately this is not a bug and happens when you experience even a bit of lag. If it’s any consolation, @SLVRDLLR also died like this. [go to 40 seconds]


This has also happened to me in a ddocks on my fulmi sorc. I think what happens is you go in the portal the moment you reach <0 hp, which leads to a death. RIP


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Eh, not WC material imho. Guy wanted an explanation, not just to vent or complain.


Sounds like you got the “Error, character is dead” message. This occurs when you die a split second before entering a dungeon. It has happened to me on multiple occasions.

Sorry about your loss though :frowning:


This is not true. You seem to be mistaken on how a server -> client handshake works. If you want me to explain, just ask.


All information is appreciated, if you could explain what actually happens in this case.


@Doc OK noted thanks for the revert, I agree in hindsight.


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