Demonseye's Sprite Art


It’s simple : I take sprites from the wiki. I take EVERYTHING from the wiki. If i need a RotMG wall, I take it from the wiki. And then, i copy and paste them into a photo editor, adjust some lightning effects, crop sprites, and i make something RotMG themed. Examples :



However, I’m feeling somewhat bored, and I like what I’m doing. Give me suggestions (ex: something Easter themed, lava themed) !


Do a scene like the hot spring from one of the older Nexus layouts.


do Spooky Boi slaughtering the masses


Took me another 2 hours. Using wiki-only images is REALLY hard. If you look closely, you can see the floor and the wall are just copy/pastes


Why are the knights speedy?



Take this cutey, i was bored


A dramatic shot of a doomed Knight family trying to escape a monster-infected ocean.


Enough dramatic shots and oworyxies, it’s time to calm down.

A torn photo left in the Dark Forest by an adventurer of the last century. Legends says it brings fortune to the wielder.

It also serves as a reminder of what the Realm used to be before the Mad God’s reign. Memories…



Best one so far. Do more like this.



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