Diamondest's overly lame ppe


This ppe is probably gonna die before it reaches 8/8 but here you go:


If anybody is willing to grind a shit ton of abbys with me, hit me up with a pm and i’ll run a lot with you.
(Sorry if this is unprofessional, first time with a ppe thread)




? I’ve seen good ppe threads, they’re actually organized


Most are the same to me

Regardless, your ppe is doing pretty well

Maybe run some cems for a better helm/ring


im more interested in abbbys for that reskin dblade and max vit, wanna do some?


also, reef event is so lame. i maxed def purely with reef, but 0 white bags.


Out of country rn, can’t :frowning:


During MOTMG? Feels bad dude, take this


Ayy csword!


Try getting ass


bruh na ill get colo sword during LH event tho
Ass sucks and i’ve never liked it much


My warrior right now.
3/8 def(reef) spd and dex.




nice joke there m8, most of them are long time dead tbh LUL


maybe because their ppes ARE dead.


you can do multiple ppes in one thread smh


like they give up or something lmao


tbh i think the only active one is BLU’s but he’s been gone for a month :c


oh this one will be active af i guarantee you that


also isnt candy’s active


you maxed def before wis was even 40

usually i get wis spd dex way before def