Do you think event bosses need to be reworked?

  • No
  • Yes

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I would like to hear why people picked yes or no and if you picked yes what kind of change do you think they need

This is just my personal opinion but I feel the majority of the event bosses in the realm are very underwhelming and little to no challenge

Just a quick example here of what I mean about them being underwhelming

Sitting behind just two trees to avoid all of his attacks

This is also a problem for lord of lost lands as his ability to defend himself is greatly hindered with a forest around him
Things such as when these events spawn clearing a space without trees or other obstacles would definitely help it

I could go on but this is not meant to be my list of personal issues with event bosses


I could see all event bosses being given an arena, or, the slightly harder variant, make all of their shots (or at least some of them) pierce obstacles - you can’t hide from them, but they sure as fuck can hide from you.


Higher hp scaling. With enough players, you can basically destroy the boss in a few seconds


Like @RyanYoon said. It doesn’t even need a full realm to make an event boss look like a chest. Right now the only event bosses that are not chests are Avatar, maybe Jade/Garnet Statue, Killer Bee Nest, Lost Sentry and Rock Dragon (to some extent). The others event bosses, can easily get overwhelmed by the players.

The reasons why I think this is:

  • HP Scaling is very low - Bosses like Avatar are not meant to be taken by just 1 player and that’s fine. Bosses like Lord of the Lost Lands are a blast/challenging to do it solo or w/ few people, but if there are 20+ players around wich is very common, it’s no longer a fight, it’s a chest that offers very little to no risks to players. I’m not saying all event bosses should be a great threat. These bosses need to be balanced betwen new/developing players and veteran/maxed. Still, they do deserve a rework.
  • Boss’s shots don’t pierce through players - Same thing. Too many players = little to no risks. Not all event bosses have this problem though.
  • Not all event bosses use terrain to make the fight more challenging wich would be pretty awsome. Sometimes the Lord of Lost Lands spawn in a very tree dense area wich makes the fight harder with a very simple mechanic.
  • Movement speed - The Rock Dragon movement pattern (or lack of it) is the best. You never know where it is going and that also makes the fight challenging. It’s too bad that some of the other event bosses don’t take advantage of this mechanic. Most of them move so slowly it barely makes any difference. It makes players miss a small percentage of their shots but that’s it.
  • Adds. This is a very important and overlooked factor. Skull Shrine have those 2 different types of mini skulls, but their shots don’t pierce and they die way too fast. Again. Too many players make the boss encounter look like a chest. Adds can and should play a major role regarding an event boss encounter. In the Skull Shrine example, those mini skulls should be invulnerable. It would give more meaning to weapons that pierce and characters who can’t pierce would need to find breaches whilst dodging shots, making the encounter more dynamic and interesting.

My main point here is: There are simple and smart ways to improve these encounters and make them interesting for new and veteran players.

Sorry if I went a little off topic or didn’t write my best text. I get a bit too exited about certain topics.



I think by having event gods in the realm and not in their own dungeon makes it a little easier of a fight. I think higher hp scaling would work but not that much. Maybe more movement from them? Lotl cube and skull sit there doing a medium amount of damage so its not really engaging.


I think they should be re-worked. I choose yes because for such rare and “good” items most event bosses, not including sentry and nest, are fairly easy to kill. Some like cube gods and skull shrines need to have more phase than to be able to shoot (when not stunned) and go invulnerable. I know other take some time and are quite dangerous like Lottl on a 0/8 and gship if you get instaed by the water mines.
What I think they should do for most Event Gods:

  • Have multiple phases where you wont know what is going to happen, like new O2 phases

  • Make less of them stunnable

  • Make the fight take and extra 30- 60 seconds

Just changing the fights can make the event whites more worth while after a good long/short Event God fight .


the new changes in the ptserver are alote influent in event bosses invulnerability.
the changes that event bosses in my opinion should have are:

  1. an arena where they could sploit her god parts.

  2. a heavier hp scaling

3.unique shot paterns

but we dont have to forget the new player and the ppe player if you do the fight really hard then the new players aren going to participate and the appeling of the game for new players is going to drop and thats a bad thing to rotmg in general.


Maybe the should only spawn in glands


imo, the Colony (Killer Bee Nest; I’m using this term because it’s slightly less vague than just “Nest”), Hermit, Lord o/t Lost Lands, and maybee Avatar should get a rework or be tweaked.
Here’s why I think so:

Colony: Very often simply ignored until someone finally steps up. Clearing the smaller colonies takes quite some time, and their Dazed projectiles, constant Armor Breaking bombs, regeneration from surrounding bees, and the Blue bees’ Weakens does not help it.
Additionally, it’s the only event without HP Scaling, which means invulnerability phases.
…a lot of them.

Hermit: When was the last time you saw a maxed character die to a Hermit, without other enemies interfering? When was the last time you saw the Hermit’s phases past its Ink Spray?
Yeah. Seems clear to me.
The Hermit should have HP-based phases, at least.

Lord o/t Lost Lands: Has two attacks, barely ever uses its second, and its Crystal phase is a drag.
It should have better phases than just “run fast, shoot bullet, stand still, shoot bigger bullet”.

Avatar: Not a bad fight per se, but it’s kind of…lacking.
It only has a single attack pattern that doesn’t involve summoning minions. Kinda bland, imo.


To be honest, they were way more challenging when pets never existed.


Yes, I feel that they should be made more difficult, longer, and more rewarding to beat. I think personally, Nest actually does the best being what an event boss should be: Something that can’t be comfortably steamrolled, even with a decently large group, requires dodging skill, and is very rewarding to beat.
I do agree with what was said already in this thread: some bosses can be a good challenge with a small group, but can be absolutely steamrolled in a larger group. I would love the fight with event gods, in large groups, to be like what it is now with small groups, a challenge that is rewarding to complete.


Something simple like putting pet stasis and silence on many/most of their shots, or some novas like O1/O2 have, so players actually need to dodge again or suffer, would be an easy way to do a change short of a full rework. And recalibrate HP scale since it wouldn’t need to be so high.

My preference if talking about a full rework, would be remove HP scale in favour of evaluation/assessment (buffable) with the current fight being the base fight, and new higher level fights if the group DPS achieves it.

HP scale itself should be reworked since it is a bad concept the way it has been done (other topics discussed this I won’t repeat here).


I believe event bosses should be a bit more challenging (not all ought to be sentry-level), they need better hp scaling and consistent sb rates. Whether with 6 or 40 other players, event bosses die rather quickly, and only few respect the damage I put in. Namely lotl, cube, pentaract towers, herm, and Sphinx don’t give consistent drops when I light them up


Maybe add setpieces with hazards like water.
Something that needs to be changed is the simple style of many event bosses. Lucky djinn and lucky ents are literally just buffed gods. Nobody is afraid of them. Pentaracts are better than before with the stunning and slowing shots, but who fears a pentaract? The only danger is if there happens to be an urgle that armor breaks you. Lottl is quite repetitive, shooting lazers in circles, then spawning protection crystals that any hide class or melee can tank with maxed def. The statues both have the exact same attacks, and both cycle through two patterns for the entire fight. Avatar is just a big dps wall, where you do the exact same thing for a total of 15 minutes, broken up with a few dps walls. As for cube gods and skull shrines, practically the only difference is the cube minions ability to slow. Either way they just fire a large spread in one direction.
These events should all be buffed. Not in terms of stats and immunities, buts by adding different attacks. Maybe add multiple phases, but most importantly change the attacks completely. Add extra shots that target a player. Add shots that boomerang or have amplitudes. Give shots status effects. (Speedy aoe on avatar? Lmao) Theres so much more interesting things that can be done with a bit of creativity. Theres no reason why magical sewer sludge (gulpord) should be more dangerous than the spiritual manifestation of the forgotton king (avatar).


Yes I agree a stadium that clears space for the event boss would help. Even though to me the rock dragon gets wrecked pretty easily it at least has its own area to fight in it and when you are in that area you can not hide from it

I think they need a whole lot more than higher hp scaling. A hermit god with 1 million hp is still going to be massacred, it will just take a longer time

I don’t want the majority of event bosses to take a long time. Like I think they should be somewhat shorter fights but challenging

Yeah Piercing shots would be a step forward

Whenever he spawns in the forest his minions are unable to cluster properly and you have wizards and other classes just landing projectiles behind the safety of a tree. I think him spawning in a forest is far easier then in a clear field

Agreed but thats mostly because most events do not really move much

Definitely and I think some events should be aimed at veterans and some aimed at newer players and their loot and difficulty should reflect that.

like if two events were going on. one dropping mana and a useful ut well the other just dropped def speed and dex but was a just a slight challenge.


I think lotl and skull would both benefit from having a longer period of invincibility and more status effects.

Give some of the skulls confused, slowed and quiet. And pet statis is almost mandatory

This is why I think we need a larger index in the reward and difficulty of evnets, right now all events drop the same pots and are all not that far from each other in difficulty

Have an event that is noob friendly drop speed dex dex, a harder event for veterans with the possibility and of dropping mana or even life

I think this could help skull shrine but the god swarm is mostly a momentary deterant

I mean I rarely see maxed players die to any event

I agree with all the events you named but lord of lost lands and sphinx are a very similar fight

so is hermit and cube god and furthermore skull shrine. All very stagnant and lacking in diversity of their attacks

Yeah better phases and to make sure that the players dont obliderate before it gets to those phases

The entire game is more challenging all we can do now is move on and adapt the game to the change and events have really not adapted to it. Hp scalling does nothing for them

Yes certain events should be more difficult and longer and more rewarding. But I think nest has gone a step too far for event bosses

It higher needs to greatly higher its rewards or make it more player friendly. Most players do not want to risk dying over a speed dex wis def etc.

Currently I would say the nest is very unrewarding for the amount of time and danger involved.

Some events should be quite challenging and rewarding well others should not be

Like with dungeons some should be newer players and some should be veterans but the distinction needs to be very clear

Completly agree, hp scaling is worthless for events and they need to take a new direction

Yes that could be a good idea for certain events, more hazardous environments


Oh just to say I think the variability of the trees and other obstacles for the events that spawn without a setpiece helps keep things interesting (same as having urgles sometimes show up), the terrain can provide a shelter but also can be a hazard if you’re trying to move around and get stuck, you never know exactly how it’s going to be until you arrive & variety is the spice of life. I think it’d be dull if everything had its own setpiece flattening the terrain into cookiecutter fights.

Will be interesting to see (if it happens) how the status-immunity rework affects things, potentially Lotll going more runaround, Rock Dragon too will be more dangerous if not permaparad.


I voted yes, but in my opinion the evaluation bosses are most in need of a rework. The majority of each of their “fights” involves doing nothing except waiting around for their invulnerability to wear off.

Also make Lucky Ent God and Lucky Djinn random spawns already. There’s nothing lucky about them in their current implementation.


yes terrain hazards and urgles and nice for the fight but of course they are not guaranteed

so the place they spawn in does not have to be flat just controlled to work better with them

The lolt or cube or any other could have a set peiece with all kinds of hazards on it but I think this needs to be somewhat standard

And from that standard there can be several ways it can play out

Like if you had a set piece environment for lotlt it could have alternating hazardous that have equal chances of appearing. I do like the randomness of urgles coming in and I think that can be kept in place and make a setpiece for him

but all of these would be challenging unlike how lotlt can be easier or harder depending on where he has spawned


Something like the mountain temple guardians and rock dragon would help with this. Leaving less obstacles to hide behind. There could also possibly an hp scaling based on the amount of people within a certain amount of tiles from the boss with more sporadic shot types and movements. Gib me Jugg Deca


The only ones that absolutely could use a rework are the Cube God and Skull Shrine, mostly because they demonstrate very legacy-style design. They both follow the same concept of having a single wide shotgun and vomiting minions left and right. There’s no reasonable way to dodge in either of the fights. Even back in the day, they were always contests of your tanking capability more than anything.