Does anyone else take this more personally than they should?




True! Either that or goth to me, as if our suffering is nothing compared to what they’ve been through.


red demon is just a sorcerer main it’s ok


like “what? why?” “what have you heard about me?” “what do you know? :eyes:


Frankly, I find the Oasis Giant’s voicelines a lot more concerning.

“Come closer, Seelpit! Yes, closer!”


oasis giant down bad for humans


You think that’s bad, he straight up says, “You must be thirsty, [name]. Enter my waters!”


down CATASTROPHIC, goodness gracious


I noticed that line last week and I was so surprised. It made me think of @Ggaodzilla (also where did his @ go?)


I think Gaodzilla quit a while ago, before I showed up on the forms outside of being an observer. I know that one of his alts was named Delusional, but I want to say that his last “main” account name was Bajiu…

(@Ezth actually appears to be the latest one. I haven’t tracked in a while. Seen 9 hours ago, aye? I stand corrected!)



Unless I am in O3.


I mean if we are taking things personally


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