Does anyone know the droprates of whitebags as of now?


Does anyone know the specific drop rates of white bags as of now? I know there was a post about this a couple of years ago but it would be nice to know if there were any updates on the drop rates.






There has never been an official one afaik. Why isn’t there any tho? It doesn’t change our actual drops, but it does set our expectations, just like any japanese gachas


As far as we know, there are none that are officially released.
Anyone claiming they know the droprates for something is merely making an estimate (unless the person in question was, like, Krathan, or whoever decides the droprates).

There exists a miniscule possibility that one day, there might be a public reveal of some drop rates, but you’ll be more likely to escape Lorelei’s Dewgong-Rage softlock..


The droprate for everything is 6.


50%, either you get it or no.


During the Wild Shadow Era, the drop rates used to lower across the board. It was during these days, that an exploit was able to gleam the server code, thus forming the basis for all current private servers today. If you ever see any lists online for drop chances, this is where it stems from.

In 2013, Kabam did something I refer personally as the great sundering. They permanently soulbounded all UTs, and increased the white bag drop chance in mostly all dungeons. Most of these values are unknown the community, though over time, player compiled statistics have painted a broad generalization of these drop chances. As player compiled data is loosely trustworthy at best, take such values with a grain of salt.

It has been 6 years since Kabam, and now Deca have had time and opportunity to fiddle with the code. Any changes they have made, are unbeknownst to both the general player base, and the skilled hackers/exploiters.

So, I can tell you the old drop rates for some whites, and the new drop rates, probably, for two items. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. Because this game is now solely based on RNG, and because you can no longer trade UTs, getting a white bag is purely luck based.

I’ve been an angry old man shaking his cane about not getting a bulwark on the forums as of late, but I shall retell my story of woe once more, for this thread. Snake pits, are actually one the dungeons that were not modified by the sundering. I can’t tell you if Kabam or Deca have since changed the drop rate for bulwark, but the last publically known value was 1/400. But the thing with RNG, is that you are not guaranteed a bulwark within 400 snake pits. You simply have an insignificant chance to get one each run. So, I’ve been playing this game, even before white bags were in the game, and I’ve run hundreds upon thousands of snake pits. To this day, I haven’t gotten one. And it’s not like the drop rate is crazy impossible, I’ve seen light blue stars with that damned wand. But I’m just cursed, I’ve even gotten the mini-stheno skin four or five times now.

Does knowing the drop rate help? No… it has no discernable effect, other than perhaps adding to your frustration.


Gotta love that boolean


Although no one (besides mods) knows, there are, like @Seelpit said, vague estimates. I believe they’re something like:

Doom Bow (1/100)

Demon Blade (1/100)

Crystal Wand (1/90-100)

Helm of the Juggernaut (1/800)

I’m not 100% sure, since it’s been over a year since I read them last. I don’t even know if the thing itself is close to valid so :man_shrugging:

But I’m sure there could a discussion on this. An actual INTELLIGENT one without those pesky “100% jugg drop rate for me lel xd” and “vault full of omni lmaooooo” players.

So if there is one…lemme know! I’ll drop by and say a few crap.

As for the updates on the drop rates, I believe they’re the same, although they were made rarer than years ago, when WS owned RotMG (the ancient times that I missed).

All in all, I think this may be one of the bases of Realm – not knowing the exact drop rates, and getting that surprise + adrenaline rush whenever you see a white bag, especially if you’re in a higher-tier dungeon .


I wish they had standard drop rates “names”, which even if they never reveal the actual %, they could refer to by such as “Doom Bow drops at a Rare drop rate”, “EP is an Uncommon drop”, “Ogmur drops at Legendary Event rate”, so that we could know what items had the same drop rate as each other, instead of it all being guesswork.

Then if behind the scenes they wanted to change ‘Uncommon’ from 1/100 to 1/125 they could do it and announce “we’ve raised/lowered the Uncommon UT drop rates for balance!”.
Or, “we’ve changed Cloak of Bloody Surprises from a Legendary drop to an Epic drop!” you’d know vaguely what it meant.

Just give us some crumbs of information is what I’m saying! (Or just publish them all and who even would be affected knowing that Jugg is 0.1%, you still need to hit every Hermit until you get it).


This is good!
I like it.

Would you want them to release the drop rates for each tier though?


Pretty sure its like 60% white bag drop rate for cyclops god. Might be wrong though


Those numbers you just listed are Wild Shadow era drop rates, and cannot be objectively used as factual. You can find much more of the same information on an illicit forum that shall not be named.


Knowing drop rates help for you to decide eighter u want to grind for something or not, especially in chest events deca always are putting. You can decide eighter you want to spend tons of money on ridiculous drop rates or not… You can tell is it worth your time/ money grinding for it or not…


Drop rate for stuff is: 1 / how much you want it.


it’s gotta be lower than that, I’ve only gotten 4 cyclops whites in 5 years


I think youre just unlucky buddy


From a subjective point of view, players will decide if they want to grind for it or not. Most players get white bags through passive play, and not through grinding. (Excluding Discords).

From an objective point of view, no white bag chance in the game is worth your time. It is the emotional attachment to these virtual items that gives each person their significant worth, however in the scale of a lifetime, such time spent was fleeting.


Well yes and no. If you want let’s say Ogmur and EP, and know that EP is 1/100 and Ogmur is 1/2000, then you can decide whether you go for Ogmur and pray or just farm EP instead. If you have no clue, then you do both, and get burned out and angry on lotll. Knowing beforehand makes it so you don’t EXPECT to get ogmur, hence are not angry not getting it after X tries, while not knowing make you expect it each time, building up your anger. And it’s even worse on chest events since you also buy keys for that reason, and get even more angry/buy more keys/etc. It’s a vicious cycle creating anger for nothing (well I guess money from keys, but even then, anger mean ppl quit, so not sure if it’s even any good money wise).

At least the drop rate are known for mystery boxes (at least they told it once, hope the droprate shows ingame as well, don’t even remember which thread they divulge them out). Transparency is a good thing, and should be done even more imo.