Does hook still drop in pcave or what


The raw irony… it hurts.

How are you planning on using the set? I’ve often used it for testing out new dungeons.


Honestly the set feels like it has some nice balance on the armour/helm I could see myself using this for cdepths/ realm events and feeling quite comfortable with it. About the rate of fire on the sword though…


Here’s a little tip: The ring exists in part as a toggle button of sorts. So in situations where the high damage/low RoF style isn’t suitable, you can take the ring off or replace it with something else to turn the rest of the set into a different playstyle that’s more nimble.

Also, if you find yourself on the hook grind again, I’d strongly suggest DDocks chests. They’re pretty common from those, whereas Dreadstump’s drop is more of a rare bonus. Even with the accessibility difference, DDocks is a better bet.


Ah good tip! However crab scares me :rofl: I’ll try some different rings and get a better feel for the set for sure though.


Kinda late but… what is up with your trickster setup?? Just curious if I’ve been giving my trix the wrong equipment this whole time.


I take pride in having non-standard items, partially because I’m bad and I can’t get better items elsewhere, and partially because it makes for really silly situations, like me spamming Decoy bombs over just SHOOTING the boss.

No, do not make your Trickster like mine.


As a trick main, dire instability is the most fun prism in the game (followed closely by ghostly) and I will not be told otherwise.


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