Does hook still drop in pcave or what


pls help me im losing my mind


It still does.


yes, got one few days or weeks ago


You’ve just been unlucky is all…


sad times ig the grind continues… only part of the set i need anymore



Also this post would be more appropriate for academy.


It’s very rare for some reason, some people who grinded for the pet skin only got 1-2 and one person didn’t even get it


I switched to what a starting set would look like and got two quick hook drops within 10 runs, I think it might have been luck.


Ah that’s my bad! I don’t post on the forums a lot, thanks for letting me know


I’ve actually managed to get the pet skin luckily :slight_smile: I’ve been doing ddocks too but they don’t seem to be as popular anymore since the changes


So jealous aha :sweat_smile:


why aren;'t you running these on trix


I have done quite a few on my trickster, but since it’s so grindy I’ve started doing 10/20 of them when I open the game and then just enjoying the game normally after that. My head would explode if I had to do 200 pirate caves in a row :sob:


That’s the spirit! Don’t grind yourself you the ground… just take it a few at a time.


Not to brag buuuuut can confirm it does drop.


bruhhhhhhhhhhhh week since i posted this a still no drop :sob:


Rip… maybe you will get the Scallawag slurp Pet Skin


Got that earlier this week it is kinda cool :slight_smile:


From an ST chest!!!


I’m glad that you wanted it, because it really annoys me to get a hook from an ST chest, lol.