Doku no Ken [Is it good?]


is doku no ken good or is it bad compared to stuff like t13 katana


It is better than t13 katana iirc. So, I would say it’s good but just not ‘great.’


Better then t13, worse then t14.


Although I used to have a deep, deep hatred for Doku outclassing every katana back in ye olde days of Kabam, the new poison proc and updated Katana damage values have changed this situation around.

In terms of usability, it’s definitely more unique; the poison gives you a large amount of damage-over-time, making it stronger against bosses where fights tend to drag out in the first place - although it can work on getting rid of any chasing enemies, too.
The shot pattern remains a bit of a finicky thing, imo. It’s not quite small enough to always hit a target, meaning you’re bound to not always be at your absolute peak - though, again, the poison makes up for that.

Overall, I think it’s a solid contender with both Masamune and Sadamune.


On Ninja Kusanagi beats Doku completely but on Samu, the respective katana beats Doku by 28 Defence or higher.


The dps is only better than t13 if you are hitting the poison proc. In general, I would use it over t13


You will always be hitting the proc since its in a circle with a radius larger than the range of the doku itself.


sometimes the boss can go invulnerable at a point which will make the proc miss when it may otherwise hit


At other times, the proc will hit beforehand, and the poison will drag out during the invulnerability period. Just a little bit of luck to make it go either way!


Doku is great. The damage competes with T13, and not only that, but it also has increased range. You also have to consider the bullet pattern- and I actually think this is another win for Doku. The bullet pattern is tight enough to be consistent, but it covers more area which makes hitting your shots easier too. Combined with the 6 tile AOE poison, the Doku shreds minions. I personally run the Doku over T14. I carry Enforcer for single target DPS, and Doku for piercing/clearing


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