Dungeon Difficulty Tiers (Gravestones) Need to be Changed


The fact that oryx’s sanctuary and the mad lab are both the same difficulty tier is out of hand. They need to rework this. I think that if deca made it /10 instead of /5 it would work better, because dungeons like mlab and parasite chambers are not even close to Lost halls/void, so it allows them to reinforce how diificult something is to a newer player who does the mad lab once and thinks that a halls is same difficulty.


I’d say MLab would fit to 4 gravestones.

Advanced and endgame like OT, Tombs and Lost Halls would fit to 5 gravestones because their difficulty.


I always wondered why the madlab was a 5 tier dungeon


Probably the large amount of instapops scattered gthroughout the dungeon, and the confuse which seems to go hand in hand.


I mean, UDL has insta kill trap, slime, and vampires…


Tutorial - 1/10
Oryx’s Kitchen - 1/10
Pirate Cave - 1/10
Forest Maze - 2/10
Spider Den - 2/10
Forbidden Jungle - 3/10
The Hive - 3/10
Snake Pit - 3/10
Magic Woods - 4/10
Sprite World - 4/10
Cave of a Thousand Treasures - 4/10
Ancient ruins 5/10
Candyland Hunting Grounds 5/10
Undead Lair - 5/10
Manor of the Immortals - 5/10
Cursed Library - 6/10
Toxic Sewers - 6/10
Abyss of demons - 6/10
Puppet Master’s Theatre 6/10
The Machine - 6/10
Mad Lab - 6/10
Davy Jones’ Locker - 6/10
Malogia - 7/10
Untaris - 7/10
Haunted Cemetery - 7/10
Lair of Draconis - 7/10
Mountain temple - 7/10
Deadwater Docks - 7/10
Woodland Labyrinth - 7/10
The Crawling Depths - 7/10
Forax - 7/10
Ice Cave - 7/10
Ocean Trench - 7/10
Katalund - 7/10
Oryx’s Castle - 7/10
Puppet Master’s Encore - 7/10
Parasite Chambers - 7/10
Cnidarian Reef - 8/10
Wine Cellar - 8/10
Battle for the Nexus - 8/10
Tomb of the Ancients - 8/10
Secluded Thicket - 8/10
The Shatters - 8/10
Heroic Undead Lair - 8/10
Ice Tomb - 9/10
Belladonna’s Garden - 9/10
Lair of Shaitan - 9/10
The Nest - 9/10
Fungal Cavern - 9/10
Crystal Cavern - 9/10
Lost Halls - 9/10
Cultist Hideout - 9/10
Heroic Abyss of Demons - 9/10
The Void - 10/10
Oryx’s Sanctuary 11/10

Beach zone - N/A

Also Mad Lab - 10/10


Slimes pose 0 threat to maxed characters, iirc traps weren’t ever meant to instapop and vampires are easy to strafe. But yes, system is kinda weird because of how difficulty scaled over the years.


Mwoods has scary instapops though the boss is easy. Skuld is hard af 7-8 for cem imo. Parasite is an 8 with the gray blob clones that hide in the wall. Cult is an 8/10. Hudl is too. O3 same lvl as void uh ok then.


Don’t stand against walls as you break them - general rule for all breakable walls

true that boss is not balanced along with the rest. ill edit it to 7 definitely not 8 with tomb, wc and shatters

I’ll take your word for it, never done the dungeon.

I thought this too though I didn’t feel right making a dungeon within a dungeon a lower level then the previous.

5 person O3 vs 5 person Void - O3’s probably more likely to be finished.
10 person O3 vs 10 person Void - Both fights very hard
discord face roll group O3 vs Discord face roll group Void - Yes O3 is a whole hell of a lot harder

Edit: Okay made O3 11/10


It’s gotten outdated pretty much…well…as soon as pets were added.
Prior to that, I imagine Mad Lab would’ve been rather challenging, but even then, having just a 1-out-of-5 system with so many variables to account for might just bee too limiting.
An out-of-8 or 10 system would likely work better.


I think it will be cool if they rated then on enemy concentration and pattern difficulty as two different scales. This would help emphasize what to watch out for, for newer players.

Much harder to implement, probably, but dungeons like Abby are only challenging due to the quantity of minions (and their speed and damage), while dungeons like Para has fewer enemies with more complex shot patterns, and the boss has some truly excellent base-level bullet hell patterns (one of multiple reasons it is super high on my list of favorite dungeons in the game). Really, though, I hope we see much more dungeons leaning in on that bullet hell aspect rather than relying on minion spam. I think Sanctuary does this well, I think the O2 fight is also pretty good (though it suffers from being easy to back out at any time). I think Fungal boss is excellent, and the machine is underrated too.

Whatever they do, I agree that the rating system needs some serious work.


I would like to see harder dungeons use 8/8 gravestones to indicate that they are so hard even max characters should be wary


Exactly! Make more than 5 levels of difficulty so that way things can be more precisely rated.


i remember someone posted this on the subreddit a few weeks ago, and someone suggested that instead of 10 gravestones, there could be 5 normal ones and any dungeons over 5 have one replaced with a red gravestone(or something like that)


someone did post something a bit like this in the ideas subforum, well similar that is.


Pretty sure he said gold not red


This type of post has been made before. People have thought of graves filling in with different colors for 6,7, and higher. People have also thought about replacing the graves with the respective ?/8 graves that players have (which I always kinda liked).


Lmao you got literally all of them. Not sure if I agree about Shaitan’s though. Only thing tough in Shaitans is the stupid chain paralyze beam that ends you. Once vital combat drops the stupid chain paralysis won’t be a thing and Shaitans will become much easier. I also would not put Shatters and Tomb on the same level at all. We’re used to steam rolling through Shatters but with bad dps that dungeon is a nightmare.

Rainbow Road 69/10


It would kind of cool to see how many players died in the dungeon you’re attempting, in the last x amount of days, instead of a pure difficulty scaling.


Mbc is harder fight than void and also void is literally boss only dung so lh is harder so it should be at least on par with void.