Dungeon idea with no hotkey nexus


The concept isn’t that bad because throughout the pathway, there are few nexus portals along the path to boss so that if whatever in front becomes difficult, they can retreat to nexus through the portal. It makes the gameplay challenging and possibility of easier to die more fun to play. Another idea is bosses with few randomised behaviour that can mix and match and can create a very deadly combination.
For example:
The boss will choose one of each behaviour randomly.
Debuff (Movement): Paralyse, Confuse, Petrify, Slow
Secondary debuff (Effect): Blind, Bleed, Quiet
Behaviour: Stand still, move vertically, move horizontally, move diagonally, move freely but slower
Shooting pattern: Spray, fixed direction etc like the third boss of shatters
Health: can be a variation within 100k (the boss can be around 300k-400k)
These randomness can be fun to play with and multiple tactic can exist.

Thx for reading, comment down below if you have any questions.


The deca developers have experimented with this in the past on testing with some existing dungeons.

Like any normal person we would just exit out of the game when in danger. (And if you look up “the oh shiet button” on this forum that makes closing the game as easy as nexusing)

It just does not work, sorry


you mean this?
Love it.


Ok I get what you mean but maybe think of adding a timer for that character to be played again. Saying if you leave the dungeon in anyway other than the portal, there’s a 20 minute cooldown for that character meaning you can play with that character again after 20 minutes has passed.

Btw, do you have any comments on the 2nd part of the idea?


Is this in any way related to how some people were unable to nexus out of Shats?


It indeed is!

@Chateaux no sorry. I do not


You mean like Oryx 1?
That’s already a thing.


More complicated as it isn’t just 5 possibility that o1 has, it’s 435*2 variations (120 possible variations).


I don’t think anyone would want to write 120 different behaviors, but I suspect that’s not what you’re trying to say. can you elaborate some more?


It’s possibilities, it’s like the behaviour is displayed as rolling a dice. The sequence is not wholly scripted. This is pretty much RNG on the boss behaviour instead of loot. The script is divided into 4 parts(Debuff effects, Shooting pattern and behaviour) which is a mash up created by the server. it’s similar to the loot system, saying you’ve got 9 mid tier items in Skuid, does that mean the devs programmed this loot result individually? no. It’s a little complicated.

The dev programs all abilities, then the server generates sequences like a complicated version of O1, Dying Thessal.

Edit: like O1, if you waited for the boss phrase like 100 times, does devs consider this result in like a million possibilities? no. technically it’s not that difficult to implement.

Tldr, Dev writes 14 abilities (4+3+5+2), server manipulates and create 120 possible results (435*2).


I don’t think you’re explaining this very well and the examples aren’t really helping, but it sounds like you want a system where the boss uses 4 different attack patterns at once (shotgun, stream, bursts etc.), but decides which attacks those are both randomly and independently of each other?

“attack” 1 can be:

  • 4 rotating streams of projectiles rotating clockwise
  • 4 rotating streams of projectiles rotating counterclockwise
  • rings of 30 weak projectiles at regular intervals
  • rings of 15 strong projectiles at regular intervals

“attack” 2 can be:

  • a single very high damage shot
  • a shotgun of 4 strong shots
  • a spread of 12 weaker shots

“attack” 3 can be:

  • single paralysis shots fired in random directions
  • a cursed blast -type shot that inflicts stun and slow
  • no additional attack, but the boss chases you instead of standing still while using the other attacks

and then the boss’s actual behavior is just one option from each available “attack” running simultaneously.

if that’s what you’re trying to say, then I don’t have any problems with it. sounds like it could be interesting.


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