EastermGopnik plays ROTMG Megathread!


Took as much criticism as possible and piled it all together for my fourth episode, any more ideas for the next? I am really enjoying making these, thanks to everyone for the responses!


Is it really necessary to mae a new thread for every new video? Doesn’t really annoy me but some people might get frustrated


You’re right, Ill keep to this one from now on, I can see where you are coming from


Video #5 out and about! hope you guys enjoy this one!


Is this like just you advertising your videos?


And a place to discuss them


I guess you can call it that, I see it more as a place for discussion, I’ve had many previous comments on the previous videos which I’ve taken as criticism, I then implemented new features and corrected some mistakes.

If not for realmeye, they wouldn’t be as good.


New video out today, managed to make it with work on the day too, hope you guys enjoy, all comments appreciated as always :slight_smile:


Episode 7 now out! please leave any comments and feedback, I talk more about the future of the channel in this episode :slight_smile:


bit of a longer eipsode today, episode 9 is here though, enjoy!


yet again trying even harder on the videos, sorry about the delay, enjoy guys :slight_smile: