[Event] ST Weekend! (edit:Extended until Thursday the 29th of September!)


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Hello all,

It is time for a glorious ST weekend! Starting now and lasting until Tuesday the 27th of September 2016 19:00 UTC, we have doubled the chance of the Swoll Paladin Set and the Priest of Geb Set dropping. But wait, there is more!

We have added all existing Special themed sets that are out there to our different dungeons - of course, also at double the usual rate! Not enough? Ok, one more: the Mini Geb Skin (8x8) will also be dropping if you are really lucky! The skin can be found - you will never guess - when killing Geb in the Tomb of the ancients.

Below we have collected some intel on where you can find the different parts for your ST sets - keep in mind, the chances might be doubled but these items are still rare drops:

##Swoll Paladin Set:

  • Candy Land Hunting Grounds
  • Weapon: Gigacorn
  • Armor: Swoll Fairy
  • Skill: Desire Troll
  • Ring: MegaRototo

##Priest of Geb Set:

  • Tomb of The Ancients
  • Weapon: Geb
  • Armor: Treasure Sarcophagus
  • Skill: Geb
  • Ring: Worshiping Priest

##Oryx Awesome Set:

  • Drop from Oryx the Mad God 2
  • Weapon: O2
  • Armor: O2
  • Skill: O2
  • Ring: O2

##Skuld 2 the reGhostening Set:

  • Haunted Cemetary
  • Weapon: Ghost of Skuld
  • Armor: Arena Grave Caretaker
  • Skill: Ghost of Skuld
  • Ring: Arena Ghost Bride

##Twilight Archmage Set:

  • The Shatters
  • Weapon: Forgotten King
  • Armor: Twilight Archmage
  • Skill: Twilight Archmage
  • Ring: Ice Adept

##Phylactery Mystic Set:

  • Lair of Draconis
  • Weapon: Pyyr the Wicked (hard mode)
  • Armor: Nikao the Defiler (hard mode)
  • Skill: Ivory Wyvern
  • Ring: Feargus the Demented (hard mode)

#Edit: Event Extended until Thursday the 29th of September!

Mod note: Moved to Community Hub > Official Events. Thanks UnicornSla. -Doc

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The original post was kinda messy…

Had very inconsistent colon usage and uses the term ‘skill’ instead of ability lol.


Nice I’ll see this. I want that etherite so bad… the phyly set wouldn’t be bad either lol


The STs are finally droppping in game! Hooray. I guess I’ll be doing some dungeons this weekend.


fck, just got screwed had like at least one of each set, but now it drops the prices…


Yay!!! Finally!!!


Hopefully pixie doesn’t drop in price xD

I just transferred most of my life into them.


good formatting, cheers for posting


it will, everything will,

just remembered i ahve 14 souless robes…


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