Exalt Discussion


Disconnects in large groups happen frequently on Exalt for many people. No known fix at the moment; we just have to wait for DECA to fix the bug in the next update.


For some reason, Candyshi and I have different resolution setting options.


Top is mine, bottom is his


Due to different monitor sizes or computer type maybe?


When would they add turn off players? Most times I die is because I can’t see enemies or shots in group.


The spirit is “If you solo you can clearly see shots, if you are in a group you cannot see shots but you get more heals and DPS”.

Not sure if there will be an option to hide players, but i’ll believe at least in hidden pets.


I feel like I remember discussion of semi-transparent players floating around when they started work on Exalt as an example of something they could potentially implement in Unity…I might be misremembering, though. Hiding pets would be a nice start, some of them are huge!

Honestly, though, if we just had it so our character and enemy shots rendered on top of all other players/pets, that would probably be enough to make it reasonable while still maintaining that challenge of screen clutter when in a group.


You have a smaller screen, limiting the highest possible resolution.


i’ve never experienced lag in the form of too many sprites(background trees players and enemies not projectiles particles and sounds) loading at once in flash but for some reason this happens in exalt. well i know i’m not an expert but this shouldn’t happen in exalt so idk why. this happens even when i’m solo. so do you experience this in exalt?

side note

this is just speculation but the disconnects might be caused by someone connecting to a server that full or something? idk


Yes. I can only play with decent frames in the god lands. Magic Woods and Candy Land are unplayable.

Somehow this issue has gotten worse every update


SEVERAL issues I have with Exalt:

  1. Oops! Removed by host 001
  2. Full Screen/time required to launch and exit the game.

Especially the full screen and exit game time. Once the game froze and it took forever to close the game. Can we have a panic button beyond nexus which severs connection and force closes the client? Can’t really close connection that fast when full screen is around.


I know that there’s the Oh Shiet Button for flash; maybe something similar could be done for Exalt? My programming experience is effectively nonexistent, but I think that just replacing the flash file name with the Exalt file name would probably work.


It would probably work with turning off your wifi instead of closing realm, or if you use ethernet, you can pull the plug.

If your computer has a hotkey for airplane mode you could also try that


If you can ctrl alt delete quick enough…


some minor issues that bother me:

  • if you nexus/die with autofire enabled, you continue to keep shooting when you load back into the nexus

  • on the mini map, the most zoomed in setting and the next closest setting is a big difference. meaning, the 2nd closest option seems too zoomed out compared to the 2nd option on flash.

EDIT: there are also minor issues with hp bar placement when rotating(ex: Cursed Grave)


Some weird issue that’s bugging me lately…

  • there’s some cases of inputs getting lost, i dont know if its just me experiencing this, but if i want to go to back pack i often find myself pressing B twice like it ignored me the first time… I also find myself pressing space twice to interact with portals & I keep finding my item keys NOT working, like when I’m trying to consume my honey pots during nest boss fight or when I’m spamming health pots & nothing happens.

  • The minimap can’t seem to scale 100%, maybe its my 1920x1080 resolution, but its a shame, because I use the realm maps, but I can’t use screen shots and apply them to the maps since they wont fit. Which is a shame for the realm maps that still have a few undiscovered spots on them like world 10 to my knowledge. I can’t use exalt to finish them.

  • If Oryx closes a realm while you are in a dungeon, and if you clear the dungeon, when attempting to reenter realm you get stuck in infinite loading, can’t it just spit us out into the nexus if this happens?


Update: I did a programming!

Okay, so I plagiarized a thing a smarter person made by changing a file name wrote a script that will close your Exalt client with the press of a button (or two, in this particular case).

First, download and install AutoHotKey.

Second, paste the following into a text file (note that the second line sets the closing buttons to ctrl+esc; change as you see fit) (also, this works for non-Steam, not sure if Steam users will need a different file name–I really have no idea what I’m doing):

;Force close Realm
	Run, taskkill "/f" "/im" "RotMG Exalt.exe"

Third, save the text file as <whateveryouwant>.ahk and put it in a convenient location because you will have to re-run the file every time you start your computer.

Fourth, test it beforehand to make sure it works.

Fifth, use this when your Exalt window needs to die, fast.

Explanation: this will close your Exalt window even if there is a pop-up, or if you otherwise are having trouble closing it. This is a variation of the previously linked Oh Shiet Button, but this version works with Exalt. Hope it helps!


I think this should be higher up the dev fix list than it is.

The mini map zoom levels in realm on flash should be mirrored on exalt.


Another thing to add is that the zooming in/out is the minimap is distorting the maps image, you cannot get a clean 100% screen grab to take and apply to pictures of the realm. Kinda makes me sad for some realm maps still have incomplete patches on them to this day but i cant use exalt screenshots to finish them off.




There is a type of coating on your PC Circuit boards to protect the circuits from several different things. Its called a Conformal Coating. Depending on the type of coating used it could cause birth defects or be a cancer causing substance. California now has some very tough laws about labeling anything suspected (but not necessarily proven) of causing cancer and birth defects.

Since many manufactures have no idea where a product may be shipped once built its safer to put that information on all products even if that product has nothing in it or on it that would cause birth defects or cancer.