[Exalt] Inconsistent performance, can't figure it out


Hi guys! I’m having quite the handful at the moment. You see, the Exalt client has a very inconsistent performance. In one day, the frame rate is good, gameplay is smooth, super awesome.

But in other days(like today) it is rather choppy, I assume a low frame rate is causing this, but what I don’t know is the why. Why is it good on the other day and awful in the other?

There must be a logical explanation, but I’m finding it inexplicable atm. I’ve tried to post this on the official Discord, but I haven’t got any reply specific to my issue. It seems like either no one knows or isn’t talking.
Not sure if it is relevant, but loading can be slow at times.

Here is some data:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 LTSC (this install is 3 weeks old at most).
  • Client: Exalt.
  • Browser and Version: Google Chrome, Version 81.0.4044.138.
  • Location: Southern Europe (although my speed tests are fine on both latency and up/download speeds).

Let me know if you need any more info. Hopefully I can figure this out!


It’s most likely on the server’s end and not an issue on your part.


That would make sense. But I haven’t seen many people talking about this issue in particular. Usually it’s either the lag or the DC’s.


Bump. The issue still persists.


I’ve seen this too. It’s not so much days but just at any time the frame rate can suddenly drop into single figures and then recover. It seems to be triggered by something on-screen but I have not worked out yet what.

The only upside is that while it happens gameplay seems to continue smoothly. I.e. it does just seem to be a graphics issue. This is different from how the Flash client worked: as everything ran on one thread anything that hit the framerate also impacted gameplay responsiveness.


I’ve also noticed that sometimes just a few more players and bullets than normal bring it to a crawl. But when it’s running smoothly, it barely slows down. It’s really frustrating because I can’t figure out what is causing it.


Bump. Yesterday everything was fine, today it’s slow again.


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