Exalt issues that I'm unable to fix pls help


Yo I decided I wanted to try out O3 since that released, but my exalt client won’t work, no matter what I try.

I originally noticed this issue on the 22nd, when O3 released, and tried a couple fixes and gave up when none of them worked, ever since then I’ve not been able to get Exalt to work with any fix I’ve been able to find, I tried every solution in this guide and none of them have worked.

Whenever I try to launch the game it will just give me the popup saying “Build does not exist in the current location” and telling me I have to redownload the build.

I’ve tried these fixes multiple times, and completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times, no matter what I try it always just does the same thing.

I’m using Windows 10 and my PC shouldn’t be an issue, as I can run pretty much any game pretty well.


Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know what to say other than contacting Deca for help.


Maybe I could try linking my account over with my Steam and play it from there, as I wouldn’t have a problem playing like that anymore since I exclusively want to play on exalt anyway.

anyone know if you can link a web account over to a Steam account? I know the inverse is possible but I’ve never heard of someone going from web to steam.


No. DECA support flat out refuses to do so.


well fuck then

my only other solution to play the new content is by becoming an epic gamer but I kinda don’t want to use a cool kid client.


I mean turn off all the hacks and no one can really incriminate you if you don’t screenshot like an idiot.