Exalt open beta coming on April 15th! [Video announcement]



The related Reddit page is: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/fzj5xm/rotmg_exalt_open_beta/


bit weird that the “video” part of the video was neither representative of the unity port nor the game itself. you’d be forgiven for thinking rotmg was a completely different kind of game if this was all you saw. it’s additionally odd considering nothing really happened in it either, it’s just a person walking around for about 3 seconds.


They probably ran out of production funds to make the animation last longer


what time exactly?
It is already 15 April here


lol i tired signing in a min ago still supporter only. its april 15th knowing them it probably isnt happening


Just take a deep breath and wait a couple hours; as far as I know, they didn’t specify a time today, and they’re probably working hard right now to get it out.


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