Exalt Stutter that leads to death

  • Computer Operating System (Windows 10 64bit) i5-8600, 16gb ram,Rx 580 (latest drivers)
  • Where you play (Exalt Launcher standalone)
  • Europe.
    So i have died to Oryx 3 Multiple times now due to stutters that keep killing me. i do not have these problems with any other game i’ve played, and i have not had these problems on flash. It happens in all servers Eu and US. It happens anywhere, but most frequently in oryx 3 ever since i switched to Exalt
    i have Video footage of this problem. And this has been my problem through countless Oryx 3’s.


Most likely due to the fact that O3 has a ton of stuff going on (new things that aren’t really around in other dungeons), which inevitably leads to lag. Unless I’m completely off. I’d stick with the group next time? There was a good number of Priests and Paladins, and you were sort of missing out on a lot of the heals. Unless you haven’t changed the settings to least graphically demanding (lower resolution, less particles, no shadows, etc.), there’s nothing that can be done about the stuttering for now. Consider skipping out on the O3’s if you can, especially on valuable characters.

And sorry about the death.


It’s not about how i played, its happened during final phases, with and without the groups, i’ve already lowered particle effects/shadows, Resolution is the only thing i haven’t changed. I’ve considered skipping and i am skipping O3’s now. There’s nothing more i can do but wait for something to be fixed that could be causing these stutters. I shouldn’t have to lower my resolution to do a dungeon.


The “Exalt stutter” that you experienced is literally just lag. I’m not saying whether the death was justified or not, I’m saying that lowering a game’s resolution reduces the chances of those spikes from happening. If you don’t want to change it, though, that’s up to you. These deaths do happen a ton, I’m afraid, and only DECA is able to officially address the issue and fix it.


Damn that discord notification really got me aha


Fps or network lag? I wonder if this is an AMD GPU or driver issue.
He is my brother and we are on the same network with the exact same PC specs except he has a RX 580 and I have a 1080Ti. Yet I don’t get this problem at all, he gets this stuttering at Stone guardians and other places.
I’d like to know if anyone else is having this problem and what GPU they have.


This happens to me when some visual-changing bullet hits me. As in on-hit. Something like blind or darkness (and especially drunk) makes my screen freeze for a second before resuming with the status effect happening.


@KungFuCat 1080-Ti is arguably much better, so the problem could indeed lie there.

I haven’t tried O3 on the actual servers themselves, but the dungeon went very smoothly in testing IIRC, and not much should have changed from the testing-to-game transfer. I use a Radeon Pro 570X, but it’s an iMac that I use, so it most likely won’t help with the issue you’re facing.


all these replies w/ “it’s just lag” “there’s so much going on” etc. are ignorant to say the least, and pretty much just shrugging the issue off

here are just two videos that showcase video games that have A LOT MORE going on than what’s going on in ROTMG, and it just brings me back to the case of rotmg devs not focusing on the right things

DECA makes other games too, and most certainly has better devs, but since ROTMG is a smaller game, they more than likely have a skeleton of DECA’s crew working on ROTMG, because my friend who is a manager over at RIOT games always points out basic things that DECA should and COULD be working on that’ll make any more talented devs cringe.

o3 was probably the worst announcement i’ve heard in a while during my rotmg career

i also just happen to play hearthstone and that uses UNITY and a lotta stuff people complain about on rotmg would be unacceptable for a big company like Blizzard.


True. When i ask for solutions in reddit or somewhere else the usual answer that i get is “just buy a better pc/laptop” which i think is bs coz rotmg is just a pixel game. most people myself included found this on a “low spec mmo u can play in a potato laptop” kind of list so why does it have to be like this when we are promised a more optimized game when ported. Kinda sad tbh.


For every perceived right and wrong decision, I’ve always found myself wondering what goes on in the company/dev chambers of anywhere. That includes DECA, of course! I’ve been in couple of teams that required some form of secrecy in my life, and what is perceived of us what we were capable of vs. our talent set/resources further opened my eyes. That in mind, I don’t always agree with everything decided upon, but I wish I knew what drives every choice sometimes…

I try to keep an open mind with this group. Even just reading through DECA’s old updates and patch notes was extremely interesting, now that I’m here looking at it from the future. Some mistakes were made, and other mistakes were fixed. Even if efficieny is not apparent here, perhaps several of the devs are still learning the ropes! This game is kind of weird, to be honest.

And generally, I’ll take any hubbub nowadays as opposed to the past nonsense. The past corruptions of the game hold some nostalgia for me, but new cultures arise in their place.


That’s bad optimization on the client, your fps dropped and the client went full retard and killed you.

This used to happen more frequently on early beta (people were dying a lot in voids) but it’s less frequent now.
It also happened on flash, but very, very rarely.

I’d say it’s possible to make the client a lot safer. If your FPS drops it’s not your fault, you should get disconnected in a worst case scenario, not lose your character.


Yeah, I’ve had these same stutters against Dammah and Oryx 3. Basically any phase where there’s a ton of stuff on the screen at once. I actually died to it once because it stuttered right when Oryx 3 teleported to the group during Exalted phase. I assume it has something to do with the client and not PC specs since this seems to be happening to most everyone. Hopefully this gets ironed out when they release the next patch.


I don’t know what to tell you. I have had the same things in the past with exalt, not o3 specifically, but one time during the cannonball phase of Jon Bilgewater I was on an 8/8 knight and somehow ran on to him and was instakilled.


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