First time trying O3


I enter the sanctuary and the first enemy I encounter forces me to nexus.

I had 10 hp…

I don’t think I will ever attempt O3 in my life sigh


That sounds accurate.


it takes time to learn.
Just keep trying whenever you have the chance and stay back at first :smiley:


my top tips: stay in the back of the group, play with hp gear, bring at least 4/8 (life,def,spd,vit) and stay with group. try to only do green miniboss first (biesa) and fill your inventory with hp pots/consumable of choice. for the big man himself, try to do damage when he says “No… this cannot be…” which is a free damage opportunity. every other time stay on the opposite side of boss room away from boss.


It is VERY easy to leech through osanc (before the miniboss) assuming you’re with a big group. You’re under no obligation to shoot the enemies or to even get close to them. Don’t run ahead unless you know what you’re doing and you should be fine.


Sanctuary has a couple bullshit minions that will jump on you in a couple frames and shotgun you. Beisa spearmen and swordsman in particular do this. Gemsbok has a couple guys who teleport onto you, but they are a lot tamer IMO. It’s the near instant jumping of beisa minions that gets you killed. Always sidestep them if you see them, running backwards usually just makes it worse


I’m still trying to finish my Miniboss Guide by the way, it won’t feel rushed but it’s taking a long time and I’ve got other stuff to do