Flex Your Sets


The expo, deca and silk ruin the set tho


??? Who you talk about, eccokied doesn’t have a csilk?


If I had to guess, I would assume that Dovey is talking about the first post in the thread.


Whos eccokied?


I know I made a typo, just to lazy to correct it


Was talking about the first person in the thread


gray ppe set obtained


Finally got a crown for my Warrior! (Also got a bracer 2 shatters later, both whties were on my 0/8 Pally PPE!)


Really love the Gemstone and Cult Robe on my Sorc, giving him full scepter hitting power at the cost of stun and hex.

Still very powerful and I use it in Tombs to achieve outbound safely.


Only my second potted Paladin in 8 years. Thought I’d go all out, will 8/8 soon. (I don’t typically carry A.S.S and Candy just wanted to fill some slots)


Where is mseal?


Finally “finished” my Mystic <3


Why does this actually look sick, lol? I am a fan.


Obviously needs a crown, but this is the closest I had :man_shrugging:


Haha expo funny


St oryx ring also works


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9 because Etherite instead of Ripper


10 because leaf hide armour, i’d give it an 11 if you had a speed increasing ring


Good functional set. Meh looking set.