Flex Your Sets


best katana image


Finally got a Void Bow!


my poor set :slight_smile:


i think only 1 of the items in this picture is currently in my possession. (is that a legacy mantle of skuld? if not, i have exactly 0 of those items)

edit: update i found out that i do actually have a doom bow


Daily Flex #4 (dont laugh at the cosmic ;-; )


I want the cult staff SO BAD!!


hahaha cosmic


eh, something basic ig 0(^.^)0


Not a set, but I did it gamers :slight_smile:I maxed all my backups (except vit/wis)


Still one unused character slot smh


ppe slot :stuck_out_tongue:


Not standard set but eh, I like it :slight_smile:


btw, for normal use is oryx armor or wyrmhide better? The oryx one looks way cooler with the set imo


Oh yeah, I picked up a minor hp pot from nexus somehow a while back
image https://i.pinimg.com/236x/5c/99/6e/5c996e6663a3c2ef1b92ad9ef13ffef7.jpg


For practicality, I would definitely go with wyrmhide; if I go below 300 hp, I’m getting myself out of whatever situation I’m in, asap. At that point, I don’t care about getting in damage.


old school archer set > all other archer sets imho


Got the new spell! It’s actually pretty op.


resprite firewaki looks dope

same for wlab waki

rip thirsty and cubes ;(

this is a very “reactive” set hehe




goddamn chill bro