Funniest troll I seen


I was in in ddocks and after the rusher said tp the troll called tp several players and I teleported to the troll, but he was still in the starting room. He quickly teleported to the portal and left, leaving me and several ppl in the starting room.


Moved to… #community-hub I guess?

I don’t find those trolls funny, anyone who does that is being a dick deliberately as a desperate attempt to get more loot. I’d call it more of an asshole wanting to cripple everyone else’s chances to get soulbound damage, which is a dick move and exaggerates how co-operation really isn’t a thing nowadays.

Surprised you say this was ddocks since the dps wall right before the boss is meant to mitigate this. Either you got unlucky or, well, you know.


that kinda stuff won’t happen if you help clear :slight_smile:


I miss Trofimowen :frowning:


Actually it would’ve been more likely to happen if he cleared as if he just didn’t clear he would’ve seen the troll call it and wouldn’t have fallen for it, now while he may or may not have been clearing, it’s good to think before you accuse


But if you clear with the group you’re more likely to just come across the real entrance


Another troll I seen alot is the rusher drags back pirates in the entry room and kill 8 8 leechers


really? never happened to me lmao, but i guess i never do ddocks. ngl it needs a feature that rewards clearing, like a golden pirate of some sort that drops a loot potion for everyone who hits soulbound on it


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