Hello everyone,

I just want to know if a harder dungeon than lost halls will eventually come out with tier 13 weapons and tier 14 armors? Also this may be to soon, but if we were to get a new class what will it be?

Love seeing people’s opinions. So type away!!

Another location to drop tier 13 weapons and tier 14 armor




Id assume well get a harder dungeon eventually, probably not soon though. With the nest and LH (mostly LH ofc) DECA has incorporated a lot more intertwining stories into their dungeons, so I look forward to seeing what they can do to make a harder dungeon that follows with the story (probably 03)


Im sure a dungeon harder than LH will definitely come out in the future, but it wont come out for a long time, as almost all of Deca’s resources are aimed at the Unity port.

Deca has said that they’re still messing around with the sheath, so I’d assume that’s the next class to be released.


hEy gUyS wHeReS oRyX 3?
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As the recent wave of hack client users shows, so many players seem only able to cope with the current difficulty via cheating. So I’d hope they don’t release anything even more super tough until they sort out Unity port and actually get a playerbase who doesn’t rely on cheats to get through the game.


u know what would be super cool, a summoner class similar to those drake eggs but with abilities




probably goblin lair or if they actually work on it maybe the last wing in the Mtemple but that is kinda hopeless since they made that “troom”

lets hope they actually finish the golblin lair one day, balance T6 abilities and make T7 abilities drop from there…have you seen how glorious the T7 abilities are? http://i.imgur.com/banqjwr.png , idk about you but i’d donate a kidney for the helms/shields/peperoni seal


Fr tho


Maybe they will drop from nest once it gets reworked


Put them back in LOD like in the accidental LOD release! I would love that! :smile:


but LOD isnt an endgame dungeon… its a late game dungeon


LoD isn’t a dungeon it’s a shitfest


He just said another drop location, not necessarily endgame(although to be fair, lod isnt hard enough to drop that stuff) Also Xaklor is right and lod is a shitfest


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