Gamma's Take on PPE


Priest PPE in a random order


Don’t have a pic but I got a CBow and CTrap from a popped OT
i swear i got it legit

EDIT: Not CTrap, sorry - CRing.


I have been waiting for this


The easiest grind I have ever experienced.

The best season for a ridiculously easy PPE.

Oh, cool, I finally get a Tome upgrade.


Not gonna lie, 3/3 Tombs on PPEs are super rare for me.

Yes, please.

A Robe would obviously be the best, but I’ll also take the Leather because I want one for my Archer. That’s a solid 2/3 probability that I’ll get something that I want.

I hate this game.


Oh, cool. Now I get it. Looks like my ornament grind was pointless. Thank you, DECA.

The most terrifying dirty solo Ice Tomb I have ever experienced. Surely DECA must reward me with some decent loot!

Wow, that’s pathetic.

Oh and apparently, I forgot to upload this thing a while back:


you have no idea how happy i am


my wifi poopoo so i only saw

tbh i thought you got fallen xD

Gz on such a good ppe! You’re making me want to come back to the game :<


Oh, no, that would never happen.

Got super cocky in an Ice Tomb. It’s annoying, but I’m not all to pissed, since it was a PPE and I had a lot of fun and lost nothing from the experience.

2/8 Priest
Recomp Reskin, T5 Tome, GSorc Reskin, Expo

Mystic PPE coming up next, my boys.


May you never rage quit like I did, brother. Godspeed.


Okay, here are the goals:

  • Friend of the Cubes (never kill a cube)
  • Sniper (75+% accuracy acc farm here we gooo)
  • Tunnel Rat (complete a bunch of listed dungeons)
  • Oryx Slayer (killing blow to oryx)
  • 5-Star / 2000+ Fame (lmao gl to me)
  • Enemy of Gods (deca god hates me, so that won’t be hard)




This might help, if you don’t have this information committed to memory:

I believe in you!


Oh shoot. More gods than I thought. I thought it was confined to the Godlands. Ty for enlightening me.


Hands are finally clear from the icky situations of life.
So naturally, I decided to waste my life by rushing a Samurai PPE.

And the Mystic PPE didn’t work out.
…in case you were wondering.
I would know because I tried.
Three times.

If you’re new to this PPE Thread, this is just a friendly note:
If you are looking for good loot and white bags and overall apex gaming skill, you have unfortunately come to the wrong place.
If the above is the case, below are some links that will offer more entertainment.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

More screenshots due later.
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Wtf link 3 is will smith net worth


Yes, sir. Like I said, it gives more entertainment than this thread.


I know by heart the three first letters of the rick rolled video. You’re not getting me like that, kiddo.


I don’t always get white bags. Especially on PPEs. But when I do…

They’re pretty epic.


Got this little thingy. A pleasant surprise.

Terrible item, but I’ll stick it around for proof that I’m not completely bad at the game.

POLL: Should I wear the CC that I got earlier? -10 DEX seems pretty bad, but it’s my first CC, so I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. If it’s not that good, I’ll put it on my Samurai. If it’s good, I’ll keep it for later.

  • Put it on your Samurai.
  • Store it for later.

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