Ghost of Skuld - Fan Art



Hope you like it!

Btw she is not wearing her full cloth because I was thinking of something like…
“Mortal, what are you doing here. Im not ready yet”


where unclothed :000000


Isn’t Skuld a skeleton ghost? She’s like the only one other than the Spectral Skeleton in Undead Lair because they defy realm logic.

And yes, I did refrain myself from making a horny post.


I’m sure this will go over well on r/rotmg


Tbh Im not sure, everything I had was the old sprite from wiki, but managed to imaginate something kinda… Different? haha


Ayo?! NSFW content?!


im down bad for skuld


nice art bro lmao


I’ve seen a number of interpretations. I liked this one from Verticae years back, especially because they seemed to dodge the whole gender discussion back then. I still imagine Skuld to be slightly different than this even, but is this closer to what you were thinking?


Kind of, I wanted it to be a woman, also a glowing long hair like green fire and a nice BG… But my skills are not eought to reach what I want so I ended up on this one that I made :frowning: