Give away if anyone is interested


So I made a video not to long ago on realm y’all should go check it out but I would love to see to get to 200 subs here soon if we can make that happen I’ll be doing 100+ of gift card give aways for various platforms (PSN, Steam, regular visa (for realm gold or any online purchase), Xbox, Epic Games, etc.) So let’s see if we can get 200 subs :slight_smile: make sure to check out my recent realm video for details.

If y’all don’t know my channel it’s AKALilboyygaming


Participating is basically subscribing and joining the discord:

Discord URL:

Code for discord: FbFkAdT


How to participate again ?

Just subcribe ?


Ooh hope I win a steam gift card so I can not be f2p any more. I’ll join discord once I get back to Hong kong


You aren’t a youtube partner, and you definitely don’t have the ad revenue to support the amount of money you claim to be giving away. Even if these 100+ gift cards were all $10, that’s a lot of money to give away to subscribers that might not even watch or enjoy your content. As someone who’s been on youtube for over a decade, I some words of wisdom, sans #5.

I’ve reviewed your channel, and I have some tips for your growth:

  1. Create a regular upload schedule. Have your subscribers expect a certain amount of videos from a specific game or source of content within a set time period, whether it’s monthly or weekly.
  2. Please refrain from using black as the background for the RotMG thumbnails. It makes information hard to decipher, and gives the overall thumbnail a bad look. I highly suggest using a background for your thumbnail to edit over.
  3. You have too much information in your thumbnails, thus you’ve made the font small, and while it may be legible in the editor, when it’s a 300x200 photo, it makes the viewer have to really zoom in for some of the text or memes.
  4. Make sure that your recording set up is consistent. In the following video of yours, your voice is clear, and your video quality is great. However, in this video, released just a few days prior, your mic is significantly quieter.
  5. This is not directly related to your channel’s growth, however that latter rant of yours is misplaced. If you’ve ever played another MMO with complex endgame dungeons, a need for communication, ever changing strategy, and teamwork is needed. In games like World of Warcraft, this following video is a prime example why a Lost Halls discord can’t be disorganized. You complain of discord administration, but there has always been a need for organization in Lost Halls. It isn’t a matter of knowing how to do the dungeon. It is a matter of doing the dungeon with people that aren’t going to troll, with raid leaders that are going to try their best to make the dungeon as fast as possible and as easy as possible for the group, source keys and vials from cultists, and ensure that the dungeon environment is open to new and experienced players so long as they meet the requirements. The efficacy of a discord is tied directly to their discipline. This is why runs by the SBC discord are so valued over runs by the Lost Halls discord, or the late LHZ discord. Rants are a valid form of expression, however it isn’t the most channel building content you can release. It would be fine if you had other realm content alongside it, but as it stands, you’ve had more rants than gameplay.

You mention that you haven’t joined a guild yet. Personally, a guild is what makes the game so worthwhile, beyond all the rare drops. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but my guild Mitochondria might be the guild for you! We’re full of veterans and laid back individuals. We’re not quite in the prime that we used to be, but we’re a guild with history and we’re slowly growing back during our 7th iteration. We really only one rule to the guild, here’s the guild board for more information.


I make nearly 95K yearly as an electrician, so I do have the money, I aint supported for youtube.

Secondly its called im trying to grow a channel, its been some time since I had a more open regular basis of recording time.

Thirdly everyone has their own style of youtube, as for my uploading im on a harsh work schedule right now so uploading varies, I pre record a lot of my videos in one day, that is where my mic quality comes in for some games such as APEX I need to turn my mic sound up but game sound down, for Borderlands I need my game sound up and mic down, it just depends on my recording software im using (Elgato, Movavi Suite, NVIDIA Shadowplay) and how my placement of mic is, for instance in my series ROTMG informal I do voice overs which makes my voice stand out more, im still in the process of making changes right now but the series ROTMG informal is a series of me ranting about stupid S**T

And I realized that my mic quality is significantly lower in that one video after I uploaded it I believe it was for the fact my recording system was picking up my headset mic and not my actual stand mic, so I guess double checking before I upload would help.

And thumbnail editing is a pain for me, for the fact im still trying to get in the grove of editing for thumbnails (meaning I need some coaching lol).

But revenue wise im solid, 100$ aint nothing out of my pocket, Im more of a giver backer than a “take your money and run”

Also for goes for gameplay content on realm I’m more or so wanting to do not just me videos of you know what I mean, meaning me and another YouTuber make videos together, AKA funny moments, or moments where me and the “other” are d**king around if you catch my drift.

Thanks for the feed back needed it been asking for that for some time.


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