God Slayer


To make it simple i killed 2100 gods, 4000 monsters.

Yet, I do not get ‘god slayer’ bonus…

Can anyone explain why?


you have to get over the amount of monster kills, so lets say you kill 10 monsters and 10 gods, you need more than 50% to get god slayer, but you got 2100 gods and 4000 monsters. So you need 1900 more god kills, so gl my dude.
To explain it more, you need 4000 god kills to balance out the 4000 monster kills.


okay that’s great, ty

so you add Gods to monsters and you need 50% +1 on that figure


was assuming that a god kill also counted as a monster kill

how stupid :wink:


4001 god kills, actually


yes, darn it needs to be 1-to-1…

think i might just farm gods until 2k on current stats and forget about it…

just want to 5 star the thing

thnks though


Going for Slayer of the Gods is not really the fastest way to achieve that.
I’d suggest going with Thirsty, Mundane, and trying to be conservative with your shots for Sharpshooter or even Sniper.


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