"Hacked by BannanaQ"


[same guy claiming that he was gonna suicide some good chars]
This was just one example; I’ve seen other players (presumably with their accounts hacked) have this happen to them.

  • anyone else notice this?
  • comments/what to do about it? If it was just once then you can brush it off as an anomaly but this is multiple times, with other people (on reddit) making the same comments.


BananaQ changed his name to quicknut. He’s a known scumbag in the community.


BananaQ, aka Quicknut as Astrolcool pointed out.
I’ve dealt with this retard before. He’s a piece of shit scumbag who likes to do shit like this, as well as cheat, and iirc scam people.
tl;dr: Fuck this dude.


Does he usually hack steam users? or is it just non steam users.

Pretty gay tho tbh

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He does and he also crashes lhs, drag crusades and keys the portal.


fix pic pls
also, i’ve never heard of bananaq, but maybe that’s just cause i’m too inactive…anyway, astrolcool is probably right








Doesn’t this kinda count as a witch-hunt?



I have a feeling that this is a bit more than a witch hunt (and if it is, i would probably do some backtracking and then make a decision from there, just like a lot of people should)


I throught i was safe…


Borderline WC’able due to the witch-hunty nature of this…but let’s be positive and try to stay rational here.

Seems more like another keylogging kind of thing to me. But what do I know, I’v’n’t heard of 'em before.
Though I wouldn’t recommend trying to meme this thread by posting ‘Hacked by BannanaQ’ here, y’all.


image why can i put my email here :thinking:

also this is an attention seek so have fun, there’s a reason why all the reddit threads are gone


I remember him, he used to be in my old-old guild, Aragamii.
When I made a new guild, Fracture, he begged me to join (and my guildies too) so I let him join, and he got purged later for not meeting requirements.

Well, I knew he was a bit of scumbag, but Damn.


I find this very interesting.




bad fumes stop being evil.


miss u b :c


Bro I used to be friends with this guy but he hacked my acc what an asshole. I don’t know how he got my acc but i think it was because I talked shit. DO NOT TALK SHIT TO BANANAQ HE WILL HACK YOUR SHIT. I haven’t played on a client in a while so its not a key logged I think