『 Happy Month of the Mad God 2021』




I am not optimistic about this MotMG. A friend of mine said that one of the well-known notorious hacker will commence DDoS attack during MotMG.


DDoS Is a baby level attack - if that’s all that happens then it should only be a day of interruption (if that). Hopefully nothing happens, though.


You know who I am talking about…


I literally could not care less about that incel and his 4chan friends. Doesn’t bother me at all.

If you want to see all the sprites of the monsters featured...click here!!

This took me a long while, but I think I got all of them /w\


Looks right to me.


Gosh I love your artwork. One of the most talented member of the community.


I love how oryx just looks done with all of them. Great work as always!


what’s that book Avalon is reading

*stares with suspicion*



The mega rototo looks very cute nice job


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