Has anyone else seen this Avalon quote?


Ok so I was soloing a library earlier, and Avalon out of nowhere made this quote. I wasn’t anywhere near the boss room, and I don’t know if anything I did triggered it or if it is random. And plus, I’ve done MANY libraries since it’s release, and have yet to notice (keyword notice) this quote. Has anyone else seen it? Does anyone know how to trigger it? Does anyone know what it means, if anything at all?

PS; didn’t screenshot it until after I finished second and got halfway to glands.


It’s a reference


I think it triggers at random and seems to be relatively rare. I’ve also gotten that quote to show up before:

Maybe stepping on a switch might roll the dice for it, but who knows.


Yeah I’ve gotten it a few times, but it seems to be rare and random. Also, another thing happened to me in library one day that I hadn’t seen before. I was doing damage to the lost lips and just about got it down to no health, when all of a sudden it says some quote I don’t remember and explodes into a sunburst of red and white shots. No clue what could’ve caused that, and I’ve only seen it once.


WOW that sounds weird! I’ve never experiences that one before! Library seems to have more than a few secrets to it.

EDIT; On the link Campfires posted above, someone had mentioned this happening as well. Here is what they said. “I once saw “The lips of the lost” (the sphere thing that shoots quiet red shots) saying “Tetriarchy”, or something like that. What is this?”


Leave it to Campfires to know! That’s why we love you man.


Awwwe, love you too :heart:


Oh I have seen that quote sometimes as well, and I think that’s the one I was trying to think of. I need to look more into the implosion of the lips and see if I can somehow get that to happen again.


There are still at least three secrets in the Library that I’ve yet to see anyone point out.



Here’s your answer.


Oh shit toastrz commin through on my post! And with the mention of other secrets! If anyone has yet to point them out, then they must be even more rare than these quotes. Can you perhaps give us a hint? Like, are the other secrets quotes as well?


I guess I’m an uncultured heathen as well because I’ve never heard of this.


Well that’s strange lol, I wonder if that shot was chosen for any particular reason.
Also I said white and red but it’s black and red mainly :man_facepalming:Guess the shots disappeared so quickly I didn’t really catch its colors.


image image


Errr I meant like why use the “strong bad” guy or whatever as a reference at all


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