Have you been banned for something you don't recall?


Today I got banned for something, however, I have no idea what I did. I wasn’t using any 3rd party sales, exploits, or trading with exploited items, (not to my knowledge). And I don’t recall intentionally doing anything that would result in a ban.

Has something like this happen to you? If so, I would like to know, and what did you do about it?

btw I already emailed DECA and where working it out.


Yeah, a lot of ppl are being banned by mistake. Just wait a while, DECA is apparently trying to fix this. There was someone who just asked this btw, so ur not the only one


What this man said but caffeinated


I hope they fix it cuz I need to claim my bounties soon. Not to mention that I need to grind some characters for the parasite chambers event.


Caffeinated? Wdym


Speaks in Caffeinated


What do you ppl mean by caffeinated :thinking:



Well shit


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