High Tech Terror [Patch]



Hello Realmers,

We have been working hard to fix the latest issues. Apart from fixing a bug that temporarily allowed duping of items, as well as making amendments to prevent server crashes and disconnections, we were also able to implement the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a glitch that prevented swapping items in certain Vault slots
  • The Premium Vault now displays the correct amount of slots taken when quickly using potions and upon moving potions from your inventory to the Premium Vault
  • Fixed an issue with swapping items from the Gift Chest to the inventory
  • The Gift Chest counter now updates immediately when moving an item to your inventory
  • Spamming a hotkey for item consumption no longer uses more than the necessary amount of the consumed item
  • Purchasing Premium Vault space now works properly during server disconnections
  • Fixed an issue with stacking items in the Vault and moving them to the Inventory
  • Consuming a Loot Booster from the floor would no longer cause a disconnection

And now onto the main topic!

High Tech Terror dungeon

Despite possessing hundreds of loyal minions and allies, it’s still lonely at the top for Oryx. Unfortunately for the Mad God, he’s not known for his heartfelt romantics, so he focused his pursuit for companionship on pets instead. Of course, all of the typical pets in the realm are decidedly NOT on Oryx’s side of the battle. This left him with no other option but to contact Dr. Terrible for another favor.

Putting his biological expertise to use, the doctor engineered a fiercely loyal lifeform tailored specifically to Oryx’s unique lifestyle (and complete inability to care for a pet). Tucked away in the castle laboratory, this aberrant abomination remotely feeds off of Oryx’s eternal rage. Such an unconventional choice of sustenance has led to more than a few side effects…

Introducing High Tech Terror ! This brand new boss dungeon pits you against the F.E.R.A.L. , a creature who was once cut content from the Mad Lab and now returns as a fully original encounter! You’ll need to use the classic green and blue vats to your advantage to make this otherwise invincible beast vulnerable. As you do, you’ll contend with some of the craziest shot patterns you’ve seen yet, even including laser blasts!

This flexible fight allows for a lot of agency in how you interact with the arena and limit the boss’s options, so think ahead! The attacks of both the boss and his minions get tougher as the fight progresses, and guiding the creature to more favorable positions can prove life-saving. Those who are victorious may get their hands on some powerful and eccentric new items!

Note that High Tech Terror has a player cap of 25 , compared to the current standard of 65. For this reason, the Court of Oryx will temporarily create TWO High Tech Terror portals to accommodate larger numbers of people visiting Craig to seek it out.

Check out the High Tech Terror Music by WangleLine

P.S. A big shout-out to Saturn for the awesome F.E.R.A.L. art!

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First of all, just wanted to say what an awesome job yall did on F.E.R.A.L. The boss fight with it’s according music just makes the whole experience epic and super exciting (especially for the very first run/completion). It really ties in with it’s “chaotic” theme. New fave dungeon for sure.


Super glad you like the music so much!!


I figured this is where that dungeon was being stuck, but great, yet another dungeon that people are going to largely ignore :sweat:

I wish there was some way to incentivize people to run those in greater numbers. And by greater, I mean more than solo - five. But I can’t think of any reasonable way to do so… it belongs before the Oryx fights, which are in and of themselves the reason the CoO gets skipped, because of the loot and maybe the fame. Tragic.


After doing a handful of runs, I really enjoy the dungeon. It’s going to be a fun experience for guilds / friends to run together. And the UTs are super cool to boot!


Yeah! From what little I saw, it looks thrilling. What’s the difficulty comparison? The fight looks intense, but I never assume.

I read the weapon descriptions, and I think I know what they do, but I need to see to verify.


Once you get the patterns and strategies down, it’s about as hard as a shatters. Pretty easy to do, but you can easily die if you make a mistake in dodging. It’s not too punishing, except for the lasers. However, that particular phase has a tell, so I’m happy with it. It’s the most fun court of oryx dungeon imo.

The weapons pretty much work as burst weapons, features that weren’t possible pre Unity. I’m loving the bow on my huntress, and I hear the staff is just as good.


I just died in it and IDK if the way the music fades out is different than other dungeons but it sounded cool there too.


Does anyone know the drops? I remember seeing an archer set a long time ago, and I have seen a stave, a bow, and a ring on reddit. All in all, the dungeon seems pretty lit. I was doing a smaller group with my 0/8 ppe mystic who had trash gear, and didn’t find it all that hard. The music is sick, and the fight/sprites are fun and unique- even compared to the forgotten creation fight. I did end up dying in one of the final phases, but it was highly enjoyable.
Edit: Just finished my first one.

I honestly think this is my favorite dungeon. The fight, the mechanics, the graphics, the music, its just awesome!


The Court needs to lowkey highkey be better integrated into the post-realm loop. Can’t get super excited, but I am happy they are utilizing new capabilities with Unity and designing interesting fights!


I’m still confused what the boss does tbh lol. The music is badass though


Has anyone figured out exactly what makes the fight softlock? I’ve only been able to complete about half of my attempts so far. Out of the first six attempts, only the first one was completable. The rest get stuck somewhere before the final phase. Had a bit better luck later in the day, but it’s still happening here and there.


I just had this issue. I think it may happen if the orbs aren’t killed correctly? or maybe if the turrets are killed at the same time as another


Ok I’ve been able to complete one HTT - all the rest have been bugged so that they were impossible to complete. My rating: Trash tier until fix


most of the ones I’ve been in haven’t been bugged. However, I can see this being the case as I’ve noticed some very funky behavior in the dungeon.

and the fact it wasn’t play tested that much lol


I haven’t noticed anything abnormal, other than the unbeatable bug. From my experience though, that only happens to maybe 85% of the keys that people pop, and not at all to ones from the court.


That could explain it. I only did keys because I was farming planks for a hat and didn’t want to skip Oryx juicy building mats. Still scuffed.


Should I wait on trying out this dungeon until the bug is fixed? I’m excited to try it, but I’d probably have to go out of my way and solo it to have access to it.


Honestly, if you can do a Janus, there are usually at least ten people for it, and so long as your careful and know what to look for it shouldn’t be a problem. It is a really fun dungeon, and Id suggest trying a few.