Hottest Male RotMG Bosses?


Which male RotMG bosses do you think are hot and why? I’m not gay, I have an ulterior motive for this question which may or may not be revealed at a later date if I can do it. You can choose anyone, as long as they are male and a boss character.


Leucoryx and Exalted O3 for me.


Forgotten Sentinel


Void Entity. The dilf Void entity art speaks for itself


Xolotl, just look at his fan art!




You mean the Bridge Sentinel, right? I do NOT want the old sprite of the first shatters boss in what I’m planning.


Does old Janus count as male?


Heroic Malphas + Septavius :hot_face:


i think it has to be o3 or the ent ancient for me cause god damn those guys are thick asf


u cant go wrong with oryx

xolotl is my personal top pick

there’s an argument to be made for ruthven

davy jones and dreadstump have some respectable pirate swag going for them

geb is decent

temperature wise, it’s shaitan.


yeah first boss of new shatters. i never payed attention if the name was changed or not


nothing wrong with being gay man. Pirate king maybe?


hot pixelated babe



blud is like 1300ºC


congrats u win