How can one run multiple Exalt instances in the same network?


Hi there guys, the situation in question is not happening to me, but to a co-worker whom I converted and has been playing RotMG. So here’s the thing:

His son and step-daughter liked the game and have been trying it. And considering they live in the same house, they would be in the same network. There’s this little great thing called NAT which is present in most residential ISPs, which has helped reduce the need to allocate multiple IP adresses worldwide.

In this case, it is not a good thing because their machines on the network share the same external IP address, so the Exalt client probably thinks the same machine is trying to run different instances, and will not allow it, saying “the instance is already open” or whatever it is called.
Probably to prevent multiboxing.

He managed to get around this by using Norton VPN subscription that came with his new laptop, but that adds unnecessary latency as you might know.

I know the first thing I should do is tell him to contact support (as I did), but I fear that DECA’s customer support might think he’s acting in bad faith or downright not care. Can any of you shed any light on this? Would be much appreciated.


Looks like this problem came up a while back and there’s no real solution sadly. Definitely try contacting support but I doubt they can do anything about it. A vpn is fine (not as bad for latency as you may think it is), but if the same account keeps connecting from different ips, you may end up getting temp banned anyway


I use Betternet as a VPN. It maintains a consistent connection to the same IP, so i’ve never had a problem with a temp ban (so far). It’s essential if I want to play with friends on the same network.


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