How to get likes on realmeye

  1. post anything on the white bag thread, 1 free like per post from @Glawi
  2. be the first person to comment on a thread with something funny or deep.

yeah, that’s it

oh yeah, and there is the part of being a actual helpful contribution to the realmeye society, but who gives likes to those posts?

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How to be unnecessary and lower your reputation

Most Liked Replys

exactly, I like the way you think


And yet you commented something funny as first comment and got 3 likes in 6 minutes


Which one of your posts got no likes at all and made you this salty?

  1. Be a moderator.


[Darn, beat me to it. OB]


Nobody ever like Doc’s posts ever again. And if u already have done so, unlike them.


Did someone say :heart: likes? ;o


0 likes so far


Yeah I’ve been too generous with you, Doc.


I am actually not salty, I just notice that people who helped out a lot on a thread didn’t get any likes. I don’t remember where.

  1. Make a bunch of mule accounts.

No one will ever know


Except mods who can see various things others can’t.
(Don’t be a bother like that, please.)


Love me Doc


Actually though, Lets play with our imagination is both somewhere you can get likes easily and somewhere you can contribute to the forums.
It’s a wonderful thread.

Put in just a little bit of effort and you’ll have a nice post that can get a bunch of likes pretty easily (and contribute to the forums while you’re at it).

My forum profile:


How to farm likes

  1. Post something that gets a funny OB edit.

  1. Hack realmeye



i’m actually OB (quick edit my post!)

  1. Give away free items
    cough cough realmeye christmas giveaway cough