I accidentally consumed my pet skin


So damn. I consumed my pet skin n my yard because I doubled clicked it to feed it, but guess what? IT GOT CONSUMED. Dammit. Can someone tell me deca’s email pls?


they probably wont change it back because of their support system being… unresponsive to say the least. but you can contact them here:



Double clicking a pet skin uses it, applying it to the pet that is following you at that time and permanently altering the aesthetic. To feed an item to your pet, you have to go over to the Control Console in the upper right corner and click “Feed Pet”. Once you have done this, you can drag the item into the feeding slot and select either fame or gold to use to feed the item to your pet. Just for future reference.

Sorry this happened to you.


Tell me, do you double click to feed items usually? What made you think it would feed by double clicking?


I find pet skins very useful because they can change the family of your pet. So, if you got a rare ??? egg that had a decently well leveled second stat, and you already had a 70/70 rare humanoid pet, you could just change your pet to ??? using a pet skin. Then, you just feed your fp to the ??? rare egg, and then fuse. Also, pet skins look cool.



Yes, but I had a 50/50 humanoid and now I have around a 50/43 humanoid and it had 2000 fp so yeah I wanted to feed it. Now rip its a crappy reptile. Can someone just tell me deca’s email before I buy an UC humanoid


oh ok thanks!


I saw. It’s still a cool reptile skin. Maybe you’ll find a humanoid or reptile skin. Still sad though, and a waste of fp.


yea ikr rip that pet skin was the gold mystery from logining in hahahah btw i just login on the support but i cant seem to find the place where you send them an email or something


nvm i got it


Good luck!


Deca saved someone’s pet B4 in the exact same situation, but idk if they will respond to you, hopefully they will




Your pet is very…uhh, adequate, only heal? get Heal, Mheal and Electric.

You will regret if you don’t get one.


guys i just hatched rare mystery egg got baby dragon heal mheal problem solved! xd


Don’t want to sound harsh or anything like that, but it was your own fault, a very low chance DECA will revert a mistake you made. They even made it so you would not consume the pet skin by accident, by making it so you could only use it in the pet yard.
Not trying to be mean, but that is just how it is…


he got new pet now

we can let the thread die


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