I didnt get the sand pails help!


i didnt get the sand pails help! I bought the free pack (with the sand pails) and I didn’t get any, if there are any deca employes, plz pm me wether or not u can transfer them to my account, because as I said, I didn’t get them


Sorry but Deca does not read the realmeye forums. If you really wanted the sand pails you could send a support ticket but I don’t think it would make a big difference.


oh ok


Sounds like something they will fix. And… sand pails are out again!?!


what free pack


pretty sure he’s talking about the one we got on motmg. don’t know why he’s metioning it now, but…


That’s a bit too late for that buddy


I was gonna say the same thing but then i’m like naah~


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