I Keep Dying To The Unluckiest Things


I die almost every day now and it is always to the most bullshit and unluckiest things ever. I hate how some people are so lucky and I just die like every day. I just died to the wlabs boss second phase and I also died to Oryx 2 when he shot his little things that do like 5000000000000000000000000 damage and confuse you. Is there any tips for keeping your char alive?


Anticipate it. If you die as many times as you say you have you’ll have a good idea of what situations will kill you




How about “Reach 8/8 Before Equipping Valuable Stuff”?

I see you reached 8/8 once and most of the other maxed characters were 1/8 or 2/8 (and none of those had DEF maxed…). So if you’re gonna put Decas and stuff on a 2/8 Knight that doesn’t have DEF maxed, uh, sure go ahead. You will die, though. Make sure you have a lot of extra pots so that you can easily rebuild after dying. Play a safe class like a Priest or Necromancer. You can play melees, but make sure you max DEF. If you can’t, don’t play one.

As for keeping you characters alive, just get to know your enemies’ shot patterns. I’m not saying you have to memorize things down to a single shot, but just get the basic idea of everything. I’ve seen a lot of video tutorials that literally go over each and every projectile type, and I don’t really find them useful. There’s no point in cramming a mind over what does 120-DMG, what does 140-DMG, how long that status effect lasts. Just think, “That does a lot of damage. That does little damage. That confuses you. That blinds you.”


I’d say it’s less of you being “unlucky” and more of you being not being knowledgeable of how the enemie’s phases work. Dying is an important part of the core game play so getting really upset when you die is a waste of energy. Instead, teach yourself to learn from your deaths and avoid what killed you in the future. After you do that you can watch and laugh as others stand still right before a boss’s rage phase and get sat on.


how can i max def easily?


You can max def by doing sprites and selling dex for def. Once you get more acknowledge with the game you can start doing other dungeons like sewers or abyss


yep this is how i did it when i was starting out. then after i got a bit better i’d just run abysses for def cause it used to be 100% droprate if i recall correctly. sewers is a little harder than abyss i think but it’s a good way to get your def maxed early on. Or you can just farm out godlands gods but that’s a bit more boring imo




Godland. They yield less but easier.

Good luck though, Def is always in high demand, it is not likely you will get them quick.


You can also farm snake pits and undead lairs. Wis is high on demand at the moment and with trooms you can easily get 8 of one kind of pots and sell it for defs / a life.


Also playing melee classes will help you get better more quickly imo. Knight is a really good class for starting out on this game so is Paladin. After you get some decent gear you have a ton of def already just from your gear so it makes it a bit easier although farming godlands isn’t very easy by yourself early on and you might just want to trail along some people in godlands or wait for dungeon calls. you’ll have to drag gods away one by one or 2 early on if you arent trailing behind some people.

Having to be closer to enemies/bosses as a melee will help you learn all the patterns and stuff a lot easier/faster. You may die a few more times than normal but it pays off overtime. Almost all of my deaths as a kid were Knights/Paladins and I feel it has helped me a ton personally


You are doing it already. You are remembering how you died. That is crucial for staying alive, as the more ways you know to die the better you will be at avoiding them.

Lab is a good example. Whether doing it alone or in a group there are a few things in there that are instantly lethal, a few more that do massive damage and can kill you quickly. Once you know what they are you can just walk through most of the dungeon, going round the most dangerous things, only stopping to kill them if there is no quick route around (as it’s e.g. blocked by a wall).

Everyone dies in this game, hundreds if not thousands of time. The key is remembering your deaths so you don’t repeat tem.


I know that Realm isn’t exactly the most beginner friendly game, so if you need someone to ask your questions you can DM me on discord and ask me anything.

Cheers, and stay safe!


Sprites work, but my most preferred method is using a Rogue with a Planewalker to grind Sewers. If you know what you’re doing, you can farm DEF pots extremely quickly and efficiently. Also helpful to have a friend/guildmate there to help speed things along.


One thing you can do to max def faster is sell your WC tops (or don’t buy them in the first place), and instead buy the next tier down for a fraction of the cost. Use the leftover pots to buy def, and drink those. The actual difference between WC tops and the next tier down is usually minimal, and you’re often better off stat-wise if you focus on maxing instead of equipping.


I would say drop this mindset
While there is a lot of rng in this game, enemy shot patterns and damage are set in stone, so unless you are dying to lag or something like a cat jumping on the keyboard (I have died that way before) it’s not unlucky but rather you weren’t careful or paying attention or it was your own mistake, the people who manage to live in the harder situations aren’t lucky but rather have probably died or nexused in those situations several times and have learned, so just learn when you die and try your best to avoid dying that way next time