I made Oryx 3's Celestial Phase in Starbound


I love O3’s Celestial Phase design, so I tried to recreate some of it as best I could in Starbound:


If it were modded I may be able to do lightning strikes and stuffs, but that requires w o r k and s k i l l.

This is what I do in my free time, well spent I’d say.


p o r t a l s



I do have ‘portals’ that just spit out paralysis and slow shots during, they aren’t showcased there, mainly because they don’t move and look like dragons rather than portals XD


O.o That’s the first time I’ve seen an inkling of his apparently “infamous” celestial phase. How do you even get close to that when he’s moving at that speed??? Let alone anything else flying around trying to strike you down. I haven’t ever before, but I may actually need to watch a video on this dungeon before I go into it… at least the boss fight portion. Because obviously, I see people like CandyShi beating it


My gif isn’t totally accurate to the actual ingame-phase (I did set the damage values to 285, 210 and 150 respectively though!) , for a montage of the Celestial Phase, here’s a video by @IKenshi https://youtu.be/tGYoin4tDvw

It’s currently my favorite video to date due to the choices in music, they’re all perfectly fitting for the boss, especially the first one lol


I mean, I almost always have my videos on mute (unless they’re intended to be music or discussion oriented), but I’ll check it out later. :3 Thanks!