I messed up - binding keys


Hey guys,

I messed up.

I was just looking at my settings earlier today.

When I closed the menu, somehow my left-click had been changed to the servers list.

This is a problem, because I can’t click on anything, even on my settings menu to change it back.

Can anyone help me, or is there a keyboard shortcut that will let me access my settings?

Thanks for any help!


Did you set anything to open options while you were doing this? I just tried this left click works properly in the options menu if you can get to it.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to try it.


No, this still doesn’t work.

I hit escape and the menu opens up, but when I click on the options button, the server menu pops up.

Right-click doesn’t work either.


Maybe reinstall?


Will that clear your settings?


Yes, it will. Or locate where the settings are stored and remove it


So I reinstalled the game, but the problem continues. I play on Steam, if that helps. I’m also on Mac, so I don’t know where the settings files are located.


@Toastrz anything he can do I can’t find a way to reset the settings at all.

not even removing the build works.


Ask support. If they can’t help, ask for a transfer to browser.


if you mean exalt through the website even that will have the same setting.

he can play on flash through steam for now if need be.


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