[image] [NEW 9/12: Ghost Of Skuld!] Here's some of my RotMG art!


Dude, that art is AMAZING.



One of my favourites so far.


Next I want to see him flashing us… with his knock-off Rolexes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit thats nice!


Very nice, please post more.


May I request a drawing with a Crystal Sword?
The description is sure to inspire you:
A lightweight blade that seems to dance in your hands.


Just an update: I’m still alive, just very busy and annoyed by discord politics. Can’t find time to play rotmg let alone make art.


No worries, whatever you push out I always love to see.

Will be waiting patiently, no pressure!


Wow, the images are so epic I was about to crap myself.
Great job man!! :thumbsup:


Idk why, but Dr. Terrible in that art work makes me think of the antagonist in Dodgeball: a true underdog story lol :smile:

Love the work though


You made this? are u fucking kidding mee? and I can’t even draw a straight stick-man… Keep up the good work, you should work on some Skins for events :slight_smile:


These are some of the best rotmg art that I have ever seen on the face of this planet.


damn really would’ve like to see Verticae’s submittion for the matty fatty pet thing.


you can see more on the website!


the website?



oh yeah that one, i just wanted to see if he could win the other two submissions .


nah, just unfair if Verticae submits for our contest here :stuck_out_tongue:


wha? hes too good?