InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Legit he’s missing the skull.


mpe btw lel XD


I’ll bet 1 deca that he is flexing
Sum1 help me I don’t have one shhhh…
also jk not betting


XD I’ve seen all his post about the skull…
He is just mad after so many HUDLS and Ghost kings he hasn’t gotten skull (last part of st set).

Also: Bruh Memento Mori Heals so much


:thinking:I thought it healed none :thinking:
Not sure if that was sarcasm tho


Maxed Dex

Forgot to screen shot showing my maxed dex (sorry I’m stupid) So I went to my character selection and just screenshot from there lmao.


This was a Abyss Quest

I also used my skull in this tomb (feelsbad) I made it this far but this is because I was typing and press ‘space bar’ and most of the time, I switch ability use with a key I never use, so I don’t accidentally use my ability. But because I forgot and switched it back, rip my mundane, I made it this far atleast, I can also use my ST skull now…


I just noticed, THIS PRIEST IS ON MY WHITE BAG, blocking it. Omfg I hate priest…
Edit: For some reason, priests are the one blocking my white bags…


The bottom of that t4 shield looks like an ogmur lol