Into Shards and Pieces


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Events, new fame boxes, and public testing

Will you miss the “old versions” of The Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth, and Deadwater Docks ? Well, you’ve seen by now that those dungeons are getting reconstructed very soon. Still, we wanted to give you a chance to say goodbye with the “ Into Shards and Pieces ” event. For that, we brought back Agent of Oryx Shards!

Into Shards and Pieces event:

The choice weapons and armors of Oryx’s elite were available for heroes to claim for a brief window long ago. But they have long since been forgotten to time, with Oryx in no hurry to put them in your hands again. That time is over! For now, you have another chance at assembling the items needed to don yourself in sets of the Agents of Oryx.

These quests will run from 11/12 – 12:00 PM UTC until 11/17 – 12:00 PM UTC.

  • Spider’s Cunning in the Crawling Depths
    • Requires: 8x Mark of the Son of Arachna
    • Rewards: 15x shard of the Intern (once per account)
  • Wild Attire in the Woodland Labyrinth
    • Requires: 8x Mark of the Megamoth
    • Rewards: 35x Shard of the Doorwarden (once per account)
  • Pirate’s Bounty in the Deadwater Docks
    • Requires: 8x Mark of Bilgewater
    • Rewards: 25x Shard of the Mad God (once per account)
  • Collector’s Choice in Crawling Depths,Woodland Labyrinth and Deadwater Docks
    • Requires: 1x of each Mark
    • Rewards: 2xShard of the Intern OR 4x Shard of the Mad God OR 5x Shard of the Doorwarden (repeatable).

These quests will run from 11/12 – 12:00 PM UTC until 12/03- 12:00 PM UTC.

  • Agents of Oryx Weapons
    • Requires: 50x Shard of the Mad God
    • Rewards: Bounty Hunter’s Dagger OR Predator Bow OR Oppressor’s Staff OR Tyrant’s Wand OR Henchman’s Claymore OR Blade of the Assailant
  • Agents of Oryx Armors
    • Requires: 70x Shard of the Doorwarden
    • Rewards: Squadron Sheathing OR Judge’s Robe OR Aegis Armor.

Introducing Rune Fame Boxes

And now, something you’ve all been waiting for. We heard your concerns about the scarcity of runes and the issues it raises on O3 runs. While we are looking and experimenting on better ways to solve the issues presented by our community, we would like to tell you that, during three weeks, you’ll have three chances to trade your fame for runes.

Once per account, and per week, you’ll be able to trade 5000, 15000 and 40000 fame for Rune Fame boxes. You will get one of the three runes, or if you are lucky, all of the three.

Upcoming Public Testing:

Our testing servers will be open to the public during this weekend so that you can experience our upcoming release. We will share more information on this on Friday, the 13th.

P.S – We apologize for starting the Shield Rune Unlock a bit later than what was announced. This time WE locked the accountable person inside of Oryx’s wine cellar. We’ll eventually get him out.


Time to solo LH again bois! Or maybe not.

But where is the fame rework?


Observation: This is an excellent opportunity to acquire more leaf bows!

Eh, I’m too busy this week.


Can I get the oryx abilities from this event?




POG. Yes maybe now I can get both the predator bow and blade of the assailant! Yeeeeeahhhhh boiii! Hopefully I’ll get a bergenia now to complete that set, too.


RIP looks like I have to miss those


rushing wlab isn’t too bad
imo it’s a lot easier than rushing ddocks


No I can’t TP that’s why.


you don’t have to tp if you rush


I can’t rush :confused:


Then how are you going to do the ddocks?

Also for rushing wlab just stick to the very sides of the rooms and run past everything before they shoot. DO NOT get hit by the moths unless you can confuse control


I just Nexus if I can’t get to Bilgewater in time.


Nice! I was worried that it would take much longer for me to replace my recently-lost Bounty Hunter’s Dagger. Hopefully I can pick it back up as well as the bow that I have wanted for so long!


isnt boots getting yeeted very soon

honestly might be a good time to indulge in some oryx item grinding rather than avoiding them because of a gameplay choice


IK Boots is getting yeeted but it is now part of my gameplay, regardless fame bonus or not.


I mean, if you insist. Not sure why deliberately avoiding loot with no benefit to doing so is a good thing, but you do you


the same reason why some people do ppes. Sure, you would get more loot if you had tops and uts on, but it’s fun to see what you can do while limiting yourself



its more about making the game more challenging for yourself, you wouldnt be doing endgame with a fresh ppe setup for example

but sakura can absolutely handle the content but just decides not to, it just feels off to me.


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