Introducing Realm trove, my small uni project and a new way of tracking your loot and sharing it with others!


Hello everyone, name’s CrabFeeder! Been playing for a while now and I wanted to share my small and niche project with the sub.

The name of the web app is Realm trove which sounds like a really bad RWT site but I honestly couldn’t think of any other names since I already purchased the domain. All hosting is out of my own pocket and I aim to have it up for a while!

The link is here! ->

Here’s my profile for instance:

What are the features?

Although there’s not a lot of them, I think they are adequate for the use case.

  • Loot tracking, for UTs, STs and blueprints - it also works on your phone
  • Profile sharing with a unique link
  • Profile export via image
  • Profile updates in real time

I saw some Realmeye profiles where people posted screenshots of white bags and crossed the drops off manually so I thought this could be an interesting side project with the intention of sharing your loot with others.

Also, practice for me with new web technologies and the only other loot tracker I found was not up to date. I didn’t find it appealing for what I needed.

Does this track my loot automatically?

Nah, consider it a to-do list of sorts if you’re diligent enough to track the loot.

To close this off, I would be grateful for any feedback - good or bad, and I hope someone finds a use out of it.


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