Invisible Bag

Invisible bag is possible!
Don’t know how but this is proof invisible bag is real.
Its not a vault/chest, I proved that at the end.


That’s pretty cool. On the other hand, I didn’t see you screen-rotate at all, so…


Oof forgot I can do that. xd


Just rotate your screen


First SUB!!! Hehe


You wasted an exa/para def for internet
Anyways as others said ya didnt rotate it, and this isnt a bug so im moving this to #community-hub:videos-streaming


that gains no internet points nowadays


eh tru dat


Nearly replicated it

Visible from one angle and not from the other


Lol I hope this is a joke. It’s behind the chest. If not let me know so I can say sorry.


thats the pint im showing the trick
anyways here it is clearer


Well I guess invisible bag can’t be proven, Just that when I dropped the para def I lagged and found it but it didn’t show the bag. Forgot I could rotate because I barely/never used rotation. Also put it on keys I never use like [ and ], I guess invisible bag won’t be proven possible.
Photoshops a image," OMG INVISIBLE BAG!!!"


Actually you can still see the shadow in the second pic.


Ah shame, nearly got it


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