Is despacito good or bad


please serious answers only ive asked myself that like 5 days ago and i still keep wonderin cuz like despacito is lazy and boring but it has 6 bil views on yt so like it cant be bad if people listen to it right

  • Good
  • Bad

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Obviously good, I can’t wait for Despacito 2!


Only despacito 2




Gangnam Style was the only video that deserve to have over a Billion views.


Never listened to it, can’t say


it’s already out tho:


It’s f***ing cancer


I’ve never listened to the full song.
Also, I always pronounce it with a hard c - like “despa-kee-toh”.


It’s not really my kind of music, just depends what you’re into so I guess 6 billion people love latino music?


It’s good because if I sing an edited educational one and send it to my spanish teacher I’ll get extra credit