Is it possible to contact support to get your character back?


I went inside a public Manor then my parents called me and I had to do something for a minute. I come back and I see that my trickster had just died because someone dragged on me. It’s legit 2020 and people still pk. Is there a way support will get back my character or no?


There is not. DECA has a strict, no revives policy.

In the future, I recommend going to the nexus if you have to go afk.


I thought so, but still, I’m really pissed off right now because people still pk.


Best thing to do when you are being distracted from the game: nexus! do NOT afk inside a realm, and especially not inside a dungeon! :wink:


It’s your fault smh


Long story short: No. While perma-death is harsh reality, learn how to make your character last longer.

There are more scenarios to AFK @ Nexus such as if you have to pick up a phone far away from your computer while you are in the realm/a dungeon, taking a restroom break and so on…


No mate. Sorry. I also think what you did was not ideal. as someone already said if you have to leave your computer/laptop for even a few seconds just nexus.

Also. can mobs enter the spawn room if you wait long enough without anyone dragging? did you saw who dragged on you? just take care next time. goodluck.


Just nexus if you ever have to AFK. I actually went AFK in a void one time and when I got back I was a literal tick of lava damage away from dying. Spammed HP pots and nexus so fast. I thought I would have made it back in time.

Morale of the story: Just nexus. Even if you think it will be just for a bit something may come up and you will be gone for a long time.